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Josh Gordon ’05 Medical School Bound

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon '05 in the lab at the Keck Science Center

Josh Gordon wants to be a doctor because of the intellectual pursuit and the capacity he will have to help others. “Both of my parents are doctors, but that is not why I chose this profession. Both of my brothers are artists. I want to be a doctor due to my academic interests and the humanitarian nature of the work,” Josh said.

Josh believes the type of student who is attracted to Pitzer College is pleased to fulfill the social responsibility requirement. An EMT, Josh served as a triage volunteer his sophomore year for Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina in the Clinical Care Extenders Program. Josh also participated in the Pitzer in China Traditional Medicine Program at Beijing University.

“At the beginning of his freshmen year, Josh told me he wanted to work in my laboratory. I thought well we will have to see about that,” said Professor Katie Purvis-Roberts. “He has more than proven himself to be a very capable assistant in the laboratory and is a valuable asset in the classroom,” she said.

Beyond the classroom, Josh enjoys basketball, surfing and other sports. Books by Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins are his favorite page turners.

Josh will be attending UCLA Medical School in the fall.