Leading Residential Colleges into the 21st Century

Pitzer was built of dreams. We were the wonder child who came to transform the world. We certainly weren’t short of expectation. ...a new College with “an emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences” had a mandate to change the universe.
—Founding President, John Atherton

A Remarkable Vision
Pitzer College, born in a progressive era of American history, has often taken the path less traveled. The College's faculty has cultivated this same sense of leadership in its students—calling them to make a difference in our society and, indeed, our world.

A Community in Action
Participation is an essential part of the educational experience at Pitzer. The same activism at work in Pitzer's commitment to societal issues is equally apparent in matters of college governance. Pitzer functions as a kind of laboratory for how to achieve meaningful change. Accordingly, the Campus Master Plan, Housing Master Plan and Residential Life Project have involved broad community input from students, faculty, staff and alumni. The community's voice has been incorporated in all aspects of decision-making, most recently in the “green planning” process for sustainable building.