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Niches, Benches, & Garden Seat Walls

Giving Opportunities

Corporate Giving Program

With the Residential Life Project, Pitzer is taking a bold step forward in defining the liberal arts college of the 21st century. You are invited to participate through a gift to support the Project and receive recognition with a plaque on a niche, bench or garden wall seat.

Donation levels vary according to the location and size of each landscape feature, and range between $5,000 and $15,000. A plaque honoring you, a graduating student, a family member, or a mentor will be located prominently on the niche, bench or seat wall.

Gift commitments may be paid immediately or they may be fulfilled over a three to five year period, and will be used in support of the Pitzer College Residential Life Project.

Benches are a classic element of any garden, providing a perfect spot to stop, rest and take in the surroundings. Put two or three people on a garden bench surrounded by trees and flowers, let them gaze upon the view of nature, and suddenly their spirits soar. Thoughts open up. Conversation relaxes. Life and learning expand to their proper perspective. No garden should be without a bench; better are two or three.

Garden Seat Walls
Garden seat walls are low, multi-purpose retaining walls designed to provide a comfortable place to sit as well as to elevate colorful shrubs and flowers closer to eye level. Seat walls are an asset to any garden, helping to define and divide spaces, direct traffic, and create interest by adding dimension and texture to level plazas and courtyards.

A distinctive feature of the Residential Life Project, niches function as an extension of the residential suites. Offering outdoor gathering spots for students, niches are designed as a series of small balconies evenly spaced between suites along the exterior walkways on each of the three residential floors. Each balcony includes a built-in bench for seating, and provides an open air view of the central courtyard. Niches allow students to gather in small groups as well as to see and communicate with others in the courtyard below.

Outdoor Seating
Outdoor seating promotes contact, communication and informal social interaction by providing a variety of places to linger and enjoy the landscape. Taking advantage of the southern California climate, carefully selected and beautifully designed seating areas improve human comfort and relationships as well as enhance the campus appearance.

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