In The News Part Two

“The level of pollution that China is creating will be devastating to these monuments.”

Melinda Herrold-Menzies, assistant professor of Environmental Studies, was quoted in a November 7 article titled “Coal's Other Victim: China's History,” which discussed how China's ancient sites like the Leshan Buddha (right) are threatened by air pollution and acid rain, mostly from the burning of coal.

“It was great [...] to create a show that not only illustrated the success and efficiency of the residence halls, but also their beauty.”

Vanessa Rundle '08 and Pitzer College trustee and alumnus Marc Broidy '95 were featured in a December article titled “Green Party,” which discussed their production of a grand finale light show for the dedication of the new green residence halls.

Bridget Baker '82 in the Top Quartile of Women in Entertainment Power 100

The Hollywood Reporter recognized Bridget Baker '82, a Pitzer College trustee and NBC Universal Networks Distribution president, in their 2007 listing of the most influential female executives in Hollywood.

“He's got a lower socioeconomic accent, the equivalent of our ‘redneck’ accent, but these women drape themselves all over him because of the way he talks— they think hes sexy.”

Carmen Fought, associate professor of linguistics, was quoted in a January 28 article titled “Celebrity Accents: It's All Very Tongue-in-Chic,” in which she describes how Americans' bias for Brit-speak is illustrated in the British film Love Actually.