From The Editors

CHANGE IS a popular word this year, although it is not new to the lexicon of Pitzer College. John Atherton, the first president of the College, brought forth the notion that Pitzer's mandate is to “change the universe.”

Pitzer students initiate change on campus and in the community and continue to do so as alumni by impacting the world as informed citizens and becoming what Mahatma Gandhi called “the change you wish to see in the world.”

No matter what careers Pitzer graduates select—public service, law, teaching, social work, or nonprofit management, to name a few—they aspire to create a more humanistic and compassionate place for people to coexist and flourish.

Social and political activism have long been a hallmark of the Pitzer experience. Students learn to question what seems unjust and inequitable as well as to expend the effort to passionately bring about meaningful change through collective action and grassroots organization.

It is much easier to maintain the status quo than it is to compel change, but that is not the Pitzer way. The stories of Pitzer alumni and current students appearing herein offer only a small glimpse of the commitment and years of hard work that have driven change for a better world.

—Susan Andrews

—Emily Cavalcanti
Managing Editor