Campus Events

January 31

Chalmers Johnson: “Can We End the American Empire Before It Ends Us?”
Author and Professor Chalmers Johnson's lecture kicked off the Spring semester for the Dining with Democracy speaker series. Johnson has written numerous books including, most recently, three examinations of the consequences of American Empire: Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic.

February 27

M-1: “Hip Hop and the History of the Black Panther Party”
M-1, aka Mutulu Olugabala of the rap duo “dead prez,” organized and became the local president of the Brooklyn Chapter of the National Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

March 11

Peter Hart: “Unscrewing the Spin: Fairness and Accuracy in Our Media”
Hart is the activism director at FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) and the author of The Oh Really? Factor.

March 27

John Hueston: “Ken Lay Is Still Alive: Why Enron Still Matters”
Hueston was the lead prosecutor with the Enron Task Force and has been recognized by Fortune and American Lawyer magazines.

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February 20

Aisha S. Ahmad: “Women in Afghanistan”
Aisha S. Ahmad, a PhD candidate from McGill University, discussed her fieldwork in Afghanistan and led a discussion about ongoing women's sexual security issues including rape, forced marriage and bride-napping in the post-Taliban period. The event was sponsored by Itihad: Middle Eastern Student Union and the Pitzer Feminist Coalition.

February 21

Wanda Coleman: “Wanda’s Wisdom, Wanda’s Words”
The Pitzer community joined together for dinner and a poetry reading with Wanda Coleman. Known as the unofficial poet laureate of Los Angeles and “the L.A. Blueswoman,” Coleman is the author of nineteen books and the recipient of numerous honors. The event was funded by the Agnes Moreland Jackson Fund for Diversity, which pays tribute to the extraordinary contributions Jackson has made to the cause of diversity.

February 21-23

Heather Flores: Grassroots Gardening
Founder of Food Not Lawns, nationally renowned garden instructor and community activist Heather Flores conducted a series of hands-on workshops in Pitzer’s organic garden as part of the Reality of Food speaker series sponsored by the Campus Life Committee, the Pitzer Garden Club and the Ecology Center. She also shared expertise in ecological gardening, permaculture design and community organizing.

Spring Semester

Wrong Is Not My Name
The Wrong Is Not My Name speaker series featured cultural critics, authors and artists who produce and theorize representations of race and sexuality in the black diaspora. During the Spring semester the series, sponsored by the Campus Life Committee, presented three guest speakers, a film screening series and a student research conference. The artists and intellectuals featured in this speaker series addressed both historical and contemporary dialogues within Black Feminist and Queer Studies as well as engaged other myriad liberatory social-political analyses and art practices.