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Big Ideas

On April 22 the Sundance Channel aired an episode of its series Big Ideas for a Small Planet, which featured a segment filmed on Pitzer’s campus in September. The episode titled “Gen Y” focused on the new green residence halls and the organic garden and included President Trombley and Robert Redford as well as seniors Alec Lentz, Sara Farooqi and Adam Forbes.


Pitzer’s keynote commencement address by Samantha Power aired on C-SPAN on June 14. A Pulitzer Prize-winning author, foreign policy analyst and journalist, Power is the Anna Lindh Professor of Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Her most recent book is Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World.


May 5, 2008: About 250 day laborers as well as leaders of several unions and students from The Claremont Colleges called for a citysanctioned worker center during a threemile march to Rancho Cucamonga's City Hall. Professor José Calderón presented a petition signed by nearly 2,000 people who support a worker center.

“We have to prepare our students for the global economy. Asia is a major engine of the global economy; students really need to have more exposure to the region.”

President Laura Skandera Trombley was quoted in the April 1 issue of China Daily-Hong Kong Edition in an article titled “U.S. University Consortium Encourages Exposure to Asia.” Trombley, one of thirty-two members of The Claremont Colleges delegation to Asia, traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing to meet key governmental and academic leaders throughout the region. Trombley and other delegates discussed possibilities for expanding international exchange programs in Asia and learned of an increasingly strong interest in adopting the U.S. liberal arts approach to higher education. The delegation’s visit was also covered in China Daily-Beijing Edition and The Straits Times.

“She is a powerful person using the medium in a way more typical of a disenfranchised person.”

Alex Juhasz, professor of Media Studies, was quoted in the April 17 issue of the Washington Post about a YouTube video that has attracted a variety of media attention and thousands of viewers. The article, titled “Upper-Crass Video: Maybe the Rich Aren’t Different,” discusses scorned wife Tricia Walsh-Smith who is fearful of being evicted from her Manhattan apartment by her estranged husband and decides to air her grievances publicly online.

“We joke in admission that you're either in it for three years or thirty.”

Director of Admission Angel Perez was quoted in the May 2 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education in an article titled “Admission Deans Dish on Their Jobs.” According to the Chronicle, in the last few years, admission jobs have risen in prestige, but the workload and pressure have increased as well. Perez typically travels for approximately two months straight during the fall and for one month in the spring. In addition, he attends recruiting events and conferences during the summer.