Faculty Notes

Nigel Boyle

Sauce for the Gander! Professor Nigel Boyle Awarded Fulbright. more...

Susan Phillips

Soros Fellow Susan Phillips Takes on Failures of U.S. Criminal Justice System. more...

Bill Anthes

Bill Anthes, assistant professor of art history, gave two invited lectures at the University of Utah and Oklahoma State University.

Paul Faulstitch

Paul Faulstich, professor of Environmental Studies, was a featured speaker at the EcoCity World Summit in San Francisco and gave a presentation titled “Building in Higher Education.” He also published an article titled “The Fine Art of Doodling” for the Spring 2008 issue of Rock Art Research.

Judith V. Grabiner

Judith V. Grabiner, Flora Sanborn Pitzer Professor of Mathematics, gave a presentation titled “Why Should Historical Truth Matter to Teachers of Mathematics?” at the Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Conference by the Special Interest Group of The Mathematical Association of America on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education in San Diego, California. She also published two book reviews in the Association for Women in Mathematics Newsletter and the British Journal for the History of Science.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies

Melinda Herrold- Menzies, assistant professor of Environmental Studies, published a chapter titled “Gender, Microcredit and Conservation at Caohai: An Attempt to Link Women, Conservation and Development in China” in Gender and Natural Resource Management: Livelihoods, Mobility and Interventions. She also gave a presentation titled “Violence in the Marsh: Enclosure, Community Development and Changing Patterns of Resistance around Caohai Nature Reserve” at the Association for Asian Studies' annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jackie Levering-Sullivan

Jackie Levering-Sullivan, founder and director of Pitzer's Writing Center, was chosen for the 2009 Kentucky Bluegrass Awards Master List (grades 3-5) for her book Annie's War.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma

Ming-Yuen S. Ma, assistant professor of Media Studies, organized the inaugural Xin Lu Video Bus Tour for the L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival held in May.

Ronald Macaulay

Ronald Macaulay, professor emeritus of linguistics, gave a presentation titled “Adolescents and Identity” at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 17 in Amsterdam.

David Moore

David Moore, professor of psychology, presented a paper titled “Mental Rotation in Human Infants: A Sex Difference,” at the International Conference on Infant Studies held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Erich Steinman

Erich Steinman, assistant professor of sociology, presented a paper titled “Working with Indian Tribes: Building Community Relationships in Challenging Contexts” at the Pacific Sociological Association Conference. He also presented a paper titled “Indian Gaming, Tribal Members and U.S. Citizenship: Unresolved Issues in American Political Development” at the Western Political Science Association Conference.

Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan, professor emeritus of Political Studies, serves as county natural resource director for the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Los Angeles County (LAC). Prior to his election to the county board, Sullivan served two years as natural resources director and two years as legislation director for the LWV of California. As county natural resources director, Sullivan organized and participated in a panel for League Day on the water crisis in Southern California as well as delivered a presentation on desalination of ocean water. Sullivan also chairs the LWV's Claremont Area Sustainability Committee and is a member of the LWV's Claremont Area Water Committee. Sullivan has written articles for the LWV/LAC voter newsletter on such issues as water shortages in Southern California, water recycling in LAC, and the crisis in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the resurgence of the Peripheral Canal proposal.

Albert Wachtel

Albert Wachtel, professor of English and World Literature, served as a writer for two episodes (“Billy Best” and “Bonnie Lovett”) of the television series The Incurables on the Veria Network.

Andre Wakefield

Andre Wakefield, associate professor of history, gave an invited lecture titled “Science and State in Early Modern Germany” as part of a series of lectures presented this June at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. He also published a chapter titled “The Fiscal Logic of Enlightened German Science” in Knowledge and its Making in Early Modern Europe edited by B. Schmidt and P. Smith (University of Chicago Press).

Michael Woodcock

Michael Woodcock, professor emeritus of art and Creative Studies, exhibited his artwork as part of an exhibition titled Ink'd at the dba256 Gallery.Winebar in Pomona, California from May 3 to June 8.