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Making Lemonade: Choosing a Positive Pathway after Losing Your Sibling

Making Lemonade

In this book Zander Sprague '91 provides guidance for anyone who has lost a sibling and seeks a positive pathway. In December 1996, Sprague's sister was murdered. All of a sudden he found himself thrust into a very unfamiliar world. Even with all the love and support of his friends and family, he found that he alone had to choose a positive pathway to healing and recovery.

2008 · 104 pages · $9.95

Gifts from the Child Within: Self-Discovery and Self-Recovery through Re-Creation Therapy, 2nd Edition

Gifts from the Child Within

Gifts from the Child Within guides its readers to understanding the initial or underlying basis to their emotional suffering due to past childhood trauma. As Barbara Sinor '80 shares her own journey, readers are asked to address issues surrounding physical, mental, spiritual and sexual abuse. Instructions are captured to guide one toward reaching for their own child within; releasing negative emotions; re-creating outdated childhood beliefs; and, to recognize the gifts the inner child offers. This recovery book is geared toward both professional and layperson. Its pages are filled with offerings from psychological, physiological and spiritual perspectives.

Loving Healing Press, 2007 · 252 pages · $20.95