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The 2006–07 academic year has proven to be an important one for the Intercollegiate Departments of Chicano/a Studies, Black Studies and Asian American Studies. In the fall of 2006, the Council of Presidents voted to approve a plan for the external evaluation of these departments. Such a decision has a profound impact on the ways in which these departments can evolve. In the wake of this decision, the three departments can submit requests for faculty positions directly to the Academic Deans Committee consistent with the strategic plans set for their respective departments. For too long, these departments have had to staff their curriculum through partial appointments and through volunteer labor from faculty members who hold their primary positions with other field groups or departments. This new organizational structure stands as clear recognition of the fact that the disciplines of Chicano/a, Black and Asian American Studies warrant full, departmental status with the requisite tools to develop and define their respective curricula. Given the outstanding faculty that currently comprise these departments, this development can only be a positive for Pitzer and its sister colleges in Claremont in reinforcing a fine reputation for scholarship in these disciplines.

—Alan Jones, Dean of Faculty


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