Student Awards

Coro Fellow

Nick Kislinger ’07 heads to St. Louis

NICK KISLINGER ’07 was elected to participate in the 2007-08 Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. He is currently based at the Coro Leadership Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and will take part in a series of internships, interviews, public service projects and seminars.

Kislinger, a self-designed major in organizational ecology, created the Dining with Democracy lecture series. As the student representative on the development committee of Pitzer College’s Board of Trustees, the founder of the Prison Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training (SMART) Program at the Afflerbaugh/Paige Juvenile Camp in La Verne, California, and the recipient of the Kallick Community Service Award, Nick was an innovative, enthusiastic and engaging student leader. As a Coro Fellow he hopes to build upon his skills with a career in public service as his goal.

Rotary Ambassadorial Fellow

Milan Burke '08 to study at Sweden’s Malmö University

Milan Burke '08

MILAN BURKE '08 has been awarded a 2008-09 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to Malmö University in Sweden by the Rotary Club of Windward Oahu. Burke completed a project on the Amazigh (Berber) indigenous language in public schools while studying abroad in Morocco. While there, she traveled to Sweden, where she found a surprising number of Middle Eastern immigrants and came to understand their fragile relationship with the Swedes. The tension opened Burke’s eyes to the increasingly acrimonious attitudes and subsequently, increasingly austere laws, on immigration in Northern Europe.

At Malmö, Burke will complete her master’s degree in international relations or immigration and ethnic relations. Upon her return, she will make a presentation to the Hawaiian Rotarianson on the immigration of Middle Easterners to Sweden. She plans to go on to a graduate program in law.

Pearson Teacher Fellow

Linda luna ’07 teaches in NYC

Linda luna '07

LINDA LUNA '07 has been selected as a Pearson Teacher Fellow. She is among a select group of graduating seniors to become one of just twenty-four Fellows across the United States.

The Pearson Teacher Fellowship was created through a unique partnership between Jumpstart and Pearson to help passionate and dedicated college graduates continue their efforts in achieving Jumpstart's mission of working toward the day that every child in America enters school prepared to succeed.

Luna participated in Jumpstart as a first-year and sophomore student at Pitzer and during her senior year was a Jumpstart team leader. A theatre major, Luna hopes to one day open a children’s theatre company. She is eager to share her love of learning with children as a Pearson Teacher Fellow.

Luna will be teaching preschoolers (ages three to five) from low-income communities in New York City using the skills she acquired during her four years at Pitzer. After completing her two-year Fellowship, Luna plans to pursue a graduate degree in applied theatre.