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Bill Anthes Bill Anthes
Bill Anthes, assistant professor of art history, presented a paper titled “Post-Studio/Post-Indian: Contemporary Indigenous Artists in the Transnational Field” at the International Symposium on the Arts in Society held at New York University in February. Anthes’ book, Native Moderns, was reviewed in the Santa Fe New Mexican.
Mita Banerjee Mita Banerjee
Mita Banerjee, professor of psychology, gave a presentation titled “Parental Mind Mindedness and Its Links to Children’s Mind and Emotion Understanding” on March 29 at the Biennial Meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development in Boston, Massachusetts.
Nigel Boyle Nigel Boyle
Nigel Boyle, professor of Political Studies, published a chapter titled “Neo-liberalism and Labor Market Policy in Britain and Ireland: Ideational Coalitions and Divergent Policy Trajectories” in Neo-Liberalism: Ideas, Interests and Global Economic Change edited by A. Denzau, T. Willett and R. Roy (Routledge, 2007).
Martha Barcenas-Mooradian Martha Barcenas-Mooradian
Martha Barcenas-Mooradian, visiting instructor of Spanish, presented several papers at conferences: “Working with Homeless Persons and Teachers: A Wisdom Tradition and Spiritual Capital Approach” with Lourdes Arguelles, Hawaii International Conference on Education • “Alternative Methodologies to Minimize Foreign Language Anxiety,” American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Southern California Chapter, Irvine Valley College • “A Brief History of the Inclusion of Spanish in the American Curriculum,” American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Southern California Chapter, UCLA • “Incorporating Environmental/Ecological Issues into Religious Education Programs: A Pioneer Pilot Course in OLA Church, Claremont, California,” International Conference on Youth & Education, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi • “Exploited and Abused Mayan Children in a Global Tourist Context: Implications for Educational Practice” with Lourdes Arguelles, International Conference on Youth & Education, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi • “Uncovering Cancun’s Disparities through Wilma’s Might” with Lourdes Arguelles, 16th Annual Pacific Southwest Women’s Studies Association Conference, Occidental College. Barcenas-Mooradian is also project research associate for the U.S. Latinas in Islam: A Narrative Study Project conducted at Claremont Graduate University.
Jose Calderon José Calderón
José Calderón, professor of sociology and Chicano/a Studies, wrote an entry titled “Rose M. Calderón” for Latinas in the U.S.: A Historical Encyclopedia, edited by Vickie L. Ruiz and Virginia Sanchez Korral. The Pitzer College Pomona Day Labor Center Partnership received a one-year $5,000 grant from the Gilkbarg Foundation. Calderón also appeared on Radio Campesina’s “Despierta Ya Campesina” on November 20, December 18 and January 8 to discuss the elections in Mexico, immigration policies and California and national election results. Calderón was mentioned in the January 13 Claremont Courier for having organized opposition to President Bush’s decision to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq. Elected to a two-year term, Calderón will serve on the American Sociological Association’s Committee on Sections.
Paul Faulstich Paul Faulstich
Paul Faulstich, professor of Environmental Studies, was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s special report titled “The Sustainable University: In Search of the Sustainable Campus.” He rang in the new year on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona, while conducting research on Native American ceremonial dances and shrines.
Judy Grabiner Judith V. Grabiner
Judith V. Grabiner, Flora Sanborn Pitzer Professor of Mathematics, will be listed in Who’s Who in America for 2007. During her Spring 2007 sabbatical, Grabiner is a visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Leeds, England.
Brian Keeley Brian Keeley
Brian Keeley, associate professor of philosophy, had two papers, “Of Conspiracy Theories” and “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition! More Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories,” reprinted in Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate edited by David Coady (Ashgate Publishing, 2006).
Gina Lamb Gina Lamb
Gina Lamb, adjunct assistant professor of Media Studies, had the premiere screening of her documentary “I’m Still Here: Becoming Legendary” on December 3 at the Fusion Film Festival held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California. Lamb won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short.
Adrian Pantoja Adrian Pantoja
Adrian Pantoja, associate professor of Political Studies and Chicano/a Studies, published a paper titled “Political Orientations and Naturalization among Latinas and Latinos” in Social Science Quarterly. His article, “Latino Gender Differences in Public Opinion: Evidence from the 1999 Harvard/Kaiser/Washington Post Latino Survey” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy. In addition, Pantoja will be co-editing a special issue for the journal Latino Studies on the recent immigrant rights protests. This spring, he will be presenting the following papers: “Onward Latino Christian Soldiers: The Effects of Being a Born Again Christian on Latino Socio-political Attitudes” at the Western Political Science Association; “The Effects of Transnational Ties on Latino Immigrant Political Incorporation” and “Latinos Unidos? A Comparative Analysis of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican and Colombian Attitudes Toward U.S. Immigration Policy” at the Midwestern Political Science Association.
Ron Macauley Ronald Macaulay
Ronald Macaulay, professor emeritus of linguistics, has been appointed an honorary senior research fellow in the Department of English Language at the University of Glasgow for the next three years.
Melinda Herrold-Menzies Melinda Herrold-Menzies
In October Melinda Herrold-Menzies, assistant professor of Environmental Studies, gave two guest lectures titled “Post-Collective Villages in Russia and China” and “Integrating Conservation and Development: A Look at Projects in Russia and China” for the Geography Department at the University of California, Berkeley. In December Herrold-Menzies published an article titled “Integrating Conservation and Development: What We Can Learn from Caohai, China” in the Journal of Environment and Development. In February she participated in the Women’s Studies panel “Engendering the Environment: History, Culture, Practice” and presented a talk titled “Microcredit at Caohai, China: One Effort to Link Conservation, Development and Women” at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.
  Ming-Yuen S. Ma
Ming-Yuen S. Ma, assistant professor of Media Studies, completed the fourth and final video in the Xin Lu series, “[os]” (2007, 60 min., digital video). “[os]” traces the mechanics of memory, secrets and isolation. Its narrative weaves together stories from a group of exiled Chinese gay men with images of ruins, intercut with a fruitless hunt for one of the most famous ghosts haunting the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Ma also had screenings of his films at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Tomorrowland: CalArts in Moving Pictures at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Ma’s recent exhibitions include “The ReCut Project” (a series of performances based on the Cut Piece by Yoko Ono) and “Bag Piece” (reproduced from original by Yoko Ono as multiples) as well as “Draw A Line And Follow It” at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). Ma has also published the following articles: “Untitled (Dear Ma Liuming)” in X-TRA, Contemporary Art Quarterly 9, No. 2, Winter 2006; “A Conversation About Women, Gay Men, and AIDS,” with Richard Fung, Corpus 4, No. 1, Spring 2006; and “Untitled (Dear Mr. Rocha)” in Release Print, November/December 2005.
Kathryn Miller Kathryn Miller
Kathryn Miller, professor of art, received a $55,000 grant to design and install a public art project for the City of Ventura between Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. Miller’s work was exhibited in a show titled “Earthly Concerns” at the University of San Francisco during Fall 2006 and at the Bioneer Conference in San Rafael, California in October 2006. An article written by Linda Weintraub about two of Miller’s art projects (“Seed Bombs” and “Subdivisions”) will be published in a textbook titled Global Warnings: 22 Approaches to Eco-Art.
Ntongela Masilela Ntongela Masilela
Ntongela Masilela, professor of English and World Literature, published the following articles in books during 2006: “Es’kia Mphahlele: The Last New African Intellectual of the New African Movement” in Es’kia: May You Grow as Big as an Elephant and Dwarf the Rhinoceros, edited by Sam Raditlhalo and Taban Lo Liyong (Stainbank and Associates) • “Foreword” to Encountering Modernity: Twentieth Century South African Cinemas by Keyan G. Tomaselli (Unisa Press) • “Ernest Mancoba: A New African Artist” in In the Name of All Humanity: The African Spiritual Expression of Ernest Mancoba by Bridget Thompson (Art and Ubuntu Trust) • “Modern Xhosa Folklore” in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife: Volume 1, edited by William M. Clements (Greenwood Press).
Peter Nardi Peter Nardi
Peter Nardi, professor of sociology, published a chapter titled “Friendship, Sex and Masculinity” in The Sexual Self, edited by Michael Kimmel (Vanderbilt University Press, 2007). Nardi also published an article titled “Sociology at Play, Or Truth in the Pleasant Disguise of Illusion” in Sociological Perspectives 49, No. 3 (2006).
Joe Parker Joe Parker
Joe Parker, associate professor of International and Intercultural Studies, published an article titled “Postcolonial Feminist Perspectives on the Academy: The Case of Religious Studies” in Postcolonial and Feminist Perspectives on African Religions: Essays in Honor of Kathleen O’Brien Wicker, edited by Musa Dube and Althea Spencer Miller (Palgrave). Parker also published an article titled “The Racial and Colonial Politics of the Modern Object of Knowledge: Cautionary Notes on ‘Scripture’” in Scriptures: A Complex Social-Cultural Phenomenon, edited by Vincent Wimbush (Rutgers University Press). Parker served as co-editor (with Ranu Samantrai and Mary Romero) for a volume titled Interdisciplinarity and Social Justice that recently received a contract with State University of New York Press.
Katie Purvis-Roberts Kathleen Purvis-Roberts
Kathleen Purvis-Roberts, assistant professor of chemistry, gave a talk titled “Risk Perception of Radiation Exposure of Villagers Living Near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site” on December 12 at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco.
Susan Seymour Susan Seymour
Susan Seymour, professor emerita of anthropology, was the 2006 Distinguished Lecturer for the Center for Culture, Brain & Development Program, UCLA on December 5. Her lecture was titled “Mothers, Daughters & Grandmothers: A Longitudinal Study of the Changing Lives of Women in an Indian Town.”
Sharon Snowiss Sharon Snowiss
Sharon Snowiss, professor of Political Studies, gave a presentation titled “Ancient Futures: Modernization and Tradition in China” at the International Conference on Constructive Postmodern Thinking and China’s Modernization held in December.
Rudi Volti Rudi Volti
Rudi Volti, professor emeritus of sociology, gave a talk last June on the history of the automobile and its place in American culture at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
Dan Ward Dana Ward
Dana Ward, professor of Political Studies, published his article on the recuperated factory movement in Argentina, “Occupy, Resist and Produce: Workers Take Control in Argentina” in Divergences 1, No. 4 and it is available online. Ward also presented a paper titled “Alchemy in Clarens: Kropotkin and Reclus, 1877–1881,” at a conference in New Orleans commemorating the centennial of Elisée Reclus’s death.
Carol Brandt Carol Brandt
Carol Brandt, vice president for international programs, gave the opening, pre-conference workshop titled “Catalyzing Student Reflection and Intercultural Learning” with Ana Maria Wiseman and Karen Rodriguez at the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) conference in Seville, Spain in November. She also gave two other CIEE conference presentations: “The Art of Herding Cats: Facilitating and Assessing Experiential Learning” with Eowyn Greeno ’95 • “Balancing the Equation: Intercultural Learning and Science Study Abroad” with Scot Gould, Eckard Helmers, Kaj Jansson and Mustafa Balci (exchange ’06).
Pitzer Faculty Bookplate
David Sadava LifeDavid Sadava, Pritzker Family Foundation Professor of Biology, co-authored with C. Heller, G. Orians, B. Purves and D. Hillis the eighth edition of Life: The Science of Biology (Sinauer Associates and W. H. Freeman, 2006).

Victoria Mudd and Laura TrombleyVisiting Lecturer Victoria Mudd Brings her Oscar to Class

This fall, Victoria Mudd, visiting lecturer of Media Studies, taught the first-year seminar Documentaries and Politics of Dissent, and also co-taught Media Arts for Social Justice with Adjunct Assistant Professor of Media Studies Gina Lamb. Mudd and Maria Florio wond the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award for Broken Rainbow in 1985.

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