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When one regards Pitzer College's academic programs in their aggregate, there is no question that our students benefit from an extraordinary and unique array of programs and courses that underscore a curriculum that provides genuinely transformative experiences. What other institution can claim such a dynamic and successful melding of interdisciplinary, intercultural (whether it be global local or focused or regional), and community-based programs as has been developed at Pitzer? For instance, the upcoming global local pilot project thematically links the academic content of a course held on the Pitzer campus with a course to be held in one of Pitzer's study abroad sites. These "paired courses" have enormous potential to heighten student awareness of how local and global socio-cultural context shapes and defines the content area explored during class. In the following pages, current students as well as alumni provide glimpses into the Pitzer-style of learning, which may encompass, among others, curaing an art exhibition, experiencing the outdoor classroom, establishing an intercultural Web exchange across two countries or integrating rap and rhyme into the classroom.

—Alan Jones, Dean of Faculty



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