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Marie Moretti ’73
Recipient of the 2006 Pat Brown Legacy Award

Maria MorettiI was very honored to receive the Pat Brown Legacy Award. I was privileged to work with Governor Pat Brown and developed a personal relationship with him. He was the quintessential public servant and I was the beneficiary of a living history lesson. I am a strong believer in public service; it is a noble and necessary endeavor.

My career has taken me in some interesting directions. I was appointed to the California Horse Racing Board by Governor Davis and reappointed by Governor Schwarzenegger. Most people do not realize that the horse racing industry is unique as a sport, entertainment, gaming and agribusiness.

I continue to serve on the Board of Advisers for the Pat Brown Institute. And in the past couple of years, I’ve had the privilege to work with Maria Shriver, the honorary chair of the California Service Corps, for which I served as Executive Director for one year and I continue to work with her as a member of the Minerva Committee.

My life is blessed and filled with family and friends, including my wonderful husband, Terry.

–Marie Moretti ’73

Matthew Cooke ’96
Filmmaker and Creative Director

Matthew CookeAfter graduating with honors in Film and Video Studies from Pitzer College and working as a production assistant for Pitzer alumna Jana Sue Memel ’75, Matthew Cooke ’96 decided to get a “waiter job” so he could have time to develop a creative career in film. Little did he know then that his aspirations would lead him to edit and produce the 2007 Oscar-nominated documentary, Deliver Us from Evil.

In 1997 Cooke opened a design studio in his Culver City garage where he built Web sites for Capitol Records and created motion graphics for an array of broadcast clients. After raising more than $6 million through AOL/Time-Warner and Intel for their broadband search engine,, Rampt was licensed by MediaOne in 1999 for their Road Runner network. For his design work, Cooke and his team earned a “Best of the Web” Award from Print Magazine.

After the dot-com crash, Cooke taught at Otis College School of Design and in 2002 he founded the Saturday Creative Group, a creative production studio collective that he still runs today. His clients have included Coquette Productions (David and Courteney Arquette), Ralph Edwards Productions and Frank the Plumber where he helped design concert animation and rear projection graphics for Prince, Incubus and others.

Cooke founded the Saturday Music Group (SMG) in 2003, which has remixed two singles for Beck and produced national commercial campaign sound tracks for Nike, Energizer, Subway, VH1, Ziploc, Paramount Pictures and Comcast. Cooke also completed a feature screenplay based on the true story sequel to the Falcon and the Snowman in 2005; the script is currently being packaged at International Creative Management (ICM) where he is represented as a screenwriter, producer and director.

In 2006 Cooke joined forces with CNN Producer Amy Berg, as editor and producer for the feature documentary, Deliver Us from Evil, about the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The film won numerous awards and made more than forty critics’ 2006 “best of” lists before being honored this year with an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary.
Cooke continues to live in Hollywood where he works as a filmmaker and freelance creative director.

Ari Sherman ’85 & Alan Jackson ’90
“Giving them a Taste of Your Style”

Alan Jackson ’90, owner and executive chef of Jackson Somerset Catering, Inc., called Ari Sherman ’85 “the perfect person to find words that creatively express the spirit of our company.” Sherman was brought on to the project by Bmotion Graphics, a cutting edge design team led by Andy Hadel, who has been collaborating with Sherman since they went to Oakwood High School together. The collaboration has already produced a magazine ad campaign and a brochure for Jackson Somerset—coming soon will be the company’s spectacular new Web site.

Jackson Somerset is the preferred caterer for the Director’s Guild of America, Christie’s Auction House, Museum of Television and Radio, and recently catered the 2007 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. The slogan “Give Them a Taste of Your Style” reflects the company’s dedication to providing chef driven one-of-a-kind culinary experiences for every event they cater, from intimate occasions to large-scale events.

For Sherman, who was actually a visiting instructor in creative writing and literature while Jackson was at Pitzer College, the opportunity to work on the Jackson Somerset Catering project provided a refreshing change. For the last fourteen years most of Sherman’s writing effort has gone into creating ad campaigns for major theatrical movie releases and television shows. “I couldn’t ask for a better assignment,” Sherman said. “I get a chance to think about something other than movies for once, I get to work with top level professionals, and as an added bonus I’m working with a fellow alumnus from Pitzer and a fellow alumnus from Oakwood. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Fabian Núñez ’97 & Kevin de León ’03
Elected California State Assembly Speaker and State Assemblyman

Fabian NunezCalifornia State Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez ’97 was formally elected for a two-year term as Speaker for the 2007–08 legislative session in November. The vote was unanimous. He is now the longest serving Speaker since the era of term limits began in 1994.

“We will continue to look for opportunities to work with the Governor and legislative Republicans to form partnerships instead of partisanship,” said Núñez. “We learned from this election that the citizens of California reward bipartisan progress, and we will continue down that path as we move our state forward.”

Kevin de LeonCalifornia State Assemblyman Kevin de León ’03 was elected to serve the 45th Assembly District in November. The district includes East Hollywood, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Mt. Washington, Lincoln Heights and portions of Los Angeles.

Previously, during his five years at the California Teachers Association, de León fought for more funding for “high-priority schools” in low-income neighborhoods, more school construction and health insurance for children. As a senior associate for the National Education Association in Washington DC, de León advocated for more resources for schools in low-income neighborhoods. He also coordinated a team that fought schemes to take funds from public schools in the form of taxpayer-funded vouchers.

Hayden Hamilton '99 & Karina Nagin '04
Working Together for the Environment

Hayden Hamilton and Karina NaginHayden Hamilton ’99 and Karina Nagin’s ’04 collaboration at GreenPrint Technologies began randomly as they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last year in Portland, Oregon. Nagin recalled, “Pitzer College alumni are obviously a small but tight knit group so we were excited to compare stories about Pitzer and what we had done since graduation. I was very interested in Hayden’s business and wanted to learn more about how he had started such a great company.”

That great company is GreenPrint Technologies founded by Hamilton in October 2005 and based in Portland. Hamilton’s start-up company then developed a software product called GreenPrint, launched in November 2006, which aims to solve the wasted-page problem. These are the pages with just a URL, banner ad, legal disclaimer, etc. that litter print stations in homes and offices and waste money, trees and time.

GreenPrintNagin continued “the more I learned about GreenPrint the more I wanted to be involved. GreenPrint demonstrates that green practices can make good environmental and economic sense. This is a message that is not widely understood, and I wanted to be involved with a company that shows how business and conservation can go hand-in-hand. When Hayden offered me a job I jumped at the opportunity.”

Hamilton, Nagin and the rest of the GreenPrint team have received glowing reviews for their product including one from the Wall Street Journal. Further adding to the software’s positive environmental impact, GreenPrint Technologies announced in January that it would plant one tree for every copy of GreenPrint’s Home Edition sold through its Web site.

Hamilton believes that “Pitzer is in many ways responsible for the creation of GreenPrint. If Pitzer hadn’t given me such incredible opportunities for campus and community involvement, GreenPrint may never have come to be.”

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