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Student-Athlete Awards Dinner 2006

Pitzer student-athletes gathered April 29 to celebrate this year’s accomplishments with the annual sports dinner and awards ceremony. David Knowles ’07 (basketball) received the Daley Athletic Achievement award; Jonathan Tigeri ’06 (volleyball) received the Judi and Frank Fenton Athletic Leadership award; Katie Lindberg ’06 (swimming) received the Most Outstanding Female Student Athlete of the Year award; and Dan Bendett ’06 (soccer) received the Most Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year award.

Featured speaker Gregg Silver ’90 (baseball, track) encouraged students to invest in their experiences as a student-athlete at Pitzer. He reminded them to be cognizant of the bonds created through the sports program as they go beyond the game and graduation. Finally, he prompted students to take advantage of their relationships with professors and touted President Laura Skandera Trombley’s support of the athletic program.

A special thanks to Trustee Arnold Palmer, Steve Fenton ’92, and Dan Daley ’89 for their continued support of this important event.

Katie Lindberg ’06
Most Outstanding Female Athlete

Katie Lindberg   Katie Lindberg ’06 worked hard to earn her award, but her four years on the swim team weren’t only about swimming hard.
With a 3.6 GPA in her major of psychology, Lindberg truly is an outstanding student-athlete. In fact, the night she received her athletic award, she also received a Psy Chi award for her academic performance.
   The Seattle native said she feels Pitzer has taught her to open her mind to life.
   “Pitzer has made me so much more socially conscious,” Lindberg said. “Before I came to Pitzer, I thought within a very small box. Now, after my years here swimming and studying abroad in Costa Rica, I am able to think outside of the box.”

Dan Bendett ’06
Most Outstanding Male Athlete

Dan Bendett   If you attended a home soccer game last year, you might have heard a crowd of people cheering for goalkeeper Dan Bendett. The pack would be chanting: “Whose house? Dan’s house!”
   “Being the only Pitzer player on the team, it really meant a lot to me. And then to have it trickle down to the administration was great. It demonstrates all the support I have had from Pitzer.”
Bendett’s skill for handling the field made him captain this year. He was twice named All SCIAC Goalkeeper and All Western Coast Goalkeeper. Additionally, he holds the record for the number of shut-out games at 9 straight.
   “I have enjoyed every minute of my Pitzer experience. I love the soul of Pitzer. Everyone is so friendly, the professors are so helpful,” Bendett said.

David Knowles ’07
Daley Athletic Achievement Award

David Knowles   Receiving the award gave David Knowles ’07 a chance to see his feelings about Pomona-Pitzer sports reflected in others.
   “Sports have been in my heart since I came here,” Knowles said.    “Going to the dinner, not only winning the award, and hearing people echo sentiments that have been in my heart all along, makes me very proud to be a student-athlete here at Pitzer.”
   Knowles said speaking with the award’s founder, Dan Daley ’89 was another highlight of the dinner. “I thanked Daley after the ceremony. He said that he knew about me from the Sagehens Sports Reviews. I think getting the alumni and current students interested and keeping them up to date with the sports here is helping to develop the spirit of sports on campus.”

Jonathan Tigeri ’06
Judi and Frank Fenton Athletic Leadership Award

Jonathan Tigeri   Jonathan Tigeri’s surprise at receiving his award couldn’t have seemed more genuine.
   “Men’s volleyball is a club sport, so it is really nice to get recognition,” Tigeri said.
   The men’s volleyball team is one of few club sports that are specifically Pomona-Pitzer, not five-college. The players recently competed in the National Championships and won the Silver Division competition.
   Tigeri is a double major in romance languages and sociology.