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Student Awards

Dan Bendett ’06
Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship to China

Dan BendettDan Bendett ’06 has been awarded a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship by the White River Junction Rotary Club in Vermont for 2007-08. Bendett, a Pitzer Political Studies major, has a passionate interest in encouraging positive, peaceful and mutually beneficial relations between China and the U.S.

According to Bendett’s academic adviser, Professor Nigel Boyle, “Dan is very self-reliant, quick-thinking and optimistic. Drop him on any street corner in the world and he would be interacting amiably with the locals within minutes.”

An infectious personality with boundless enthusiasm and energy, Bendett was tenacious in his studies and enriched the classrooms in which he sat. He developed a strong interest in comparative and international politics during his sophomore year, especially in China. He continues to pursue this interest with language study and the study of East Asian history, politics and economics.

While at Pitzer, Bendett thrived on the Pitzer in China program, where he explored the culture and language through soccer.
Bendett will be a great ambassador for Pitzer College in China just as he was a great student-athlete here, serving as Pitzer-Pomona’s soccer team’s goalkeeper and captain during the 2005-06 academic year. Bendett was twice named an All-SCIAC Goalkeeper and all Western Coast Goalkeeper.

Nancy Castillo ’05
Coro Fellowship

Nancy CastilloNancy Castillo ’05, currently in Ecuador on a Fulbright grant, has been awarded a Coro fellowship for the 2006-07 academic year. Castillo will be in a Public Affairs program in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Her Fulbright in Ecuador focused on remittances, money sent by emigrants to their families in their home communities, which are an extremely valuable source of income to people in Latin America.
While at Pitzer, Castillo participated in Pitzer College’s Summer Study in Japan program and the African Diaspora Studies program in Ghana.
Nancy’s professional goals include economic development in Latin America and public policy or law in the U.S. with a focus on the Latino experience.

Sandra Gonzalez ’09
Kemper Scholarship

Sandra GonzalezSandra Gonzalez ’09 has been awarded a Kemper Scholarship. Gonzalez was also one of Pitzer’s 12 students to be awarded a Núñez Scholarship (named in honor of Fabian Núñez, a 1997 graduate of Pitzer and Speaker of the California State Assembly).

Gonzalez is planning a concentration in economics while at Pitzer College. The scholarship will provide funding for the remainder of Gonzalez’s education at Pitzer.

In the 2006-07 academic year, Gonzalez will serve as the Finance and Communications Coordinator for the Student Investment Committee (Event Coordinator, 2005-06); a Sponsor for Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA); and serve on Student Senate.

In 2004, Pitzer College was selected by the James S. Kemper Foundation as one of 15 partner colleges in the Kemper Scholar Program. The Kemper Scholar Program, now in its fifty-seventh year, is one of the oldest programs of its kind. Colleges may participate only by invitation from the Foundation.

The mission of the James S. Kemper Foundation is to promote liberal arts education as an ideal preparation for life and work, especially in administration and business.

Six Pitzer Students Win Prizes for Writing

In its inaugural year, six Pitzer students were among Scripps, Harvey Mudd and Pomona students who won Pitzer Prizes in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. They were New Resources student Nicole Ogden ’06 for her lovely eulogy of a quirky aunt and their Rhode Island beach summers, “To Sea Lavender” (tie for second in nonfiction); David McMenomy ’06 for his spirited treatment of sibling rivalry set in a Christmas play, “The Lie” (tie for third in nonfiction); Adam Popescu ’06 for a tough-minded, moving glimpse of a Holocaust survivor dying of failed kidneys 50 years later, “Aba” (tie for third in fiction); Kevork Tutunjian ’07 for his magical portrayal of an Armenian seeking roots, “Dzeezagh, or Laughter” (tie for third in nonfiction); Gioia Pedrini ’09 for “Leftovers” (tie for third in poetry) and Stephani Guthrie ’09 for “Costly Dreams” (tie for third in poetry).

The Pitzer Prize was judged by Pitzer English and World Literature Professor Al Wachtel and Gregory Orfalea, assistant professor of creative writing and director of the Center for Writing. There were 35 submissions for fiction, 35 in nonfiction, and more than 60 poems from students of the five Claremont Colleges. Winners received a certificate and a portion of the prize money.