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Fulbright Record

Alex Page '06

Casey Scieszka '06
Pitzer's First Fulbright to Mali

Casey Scieszka majored in Sociology at Pitzer and is now on her way to Mali to study the "Intersections of Education and Islam in Mali” as Pitzer’s first Fulbright to the country. But first, she will complete a six-month contract teaching English to elementary school children in Beijing.

In Mali, Scieszka will explore the different ways that Islam appears in the education of their youth by researching state-run schools, private schools, and road-side Koranic schools in urban and rural areas. She feels positive about growth in Mali due to their strong human rights record, stable multi-party democracy and people who care.

Scieszka’s professors, classmates and co-curricular activities at Pitzer were at the heart of her high level of satisfaction with her undergraduate experience. “One of the best parts of my academic experience at Pitzer has been the professors. I was in so many classes where I truly felt like the professor saw me as an intellectual equal. On top of that, I maintained relationships with some professors even long after our class was finished,” Scieszka said.

Scieszka also studied abroad in Morocco where she learned Arabic and used her French speaking skills.

Kate Sherwood '06

Kate Sherwood '06

I am so stoked to get the Fulbright,” Kate Sherwood said. “Stoked is such an overused word, but it is truly how I feel!”

Sherwood, who will be completing her teaching assistantship in Thailand, wasn’t sure about making the commitment to apply for the Fulbright. An active member of the 5-College improvisational group Without A Box, a leader of the Pitzer Outdoor Adventure Club, and an avid worker in Pitzer’s Arboretum, she already had a full plate. However, Sherwood was won over by the enthusiasm of two of her professors, Carol Brandt and Nigel Boyle.

“I welcomed the opportunity to reflect further on my experiences studying abroad in the fall of 2004 in Spain in my classes with them,” Sherwood explained.

An art history major and nearly fluent in Spanish, Sherwood first thought she would visit a Spanish speaking country for her Fulbright. However, as she did more research on her options, Thailand caught her attention.

“I decided that I should go somewhere very different that I might not normally get to visit. The culture, food, language-everything is so different there,” Sherwood said.

Reflecting on her time at Pitzer, Sherwood noted that she has most enjoyed developing close relationships with the faculty and staff.
“All of my friends who go to UCs are shocked that I can walk through campus and say hello to professors. It’s great,” Sherwood said.