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Fulbright Record

Alex Page '06

Alex Page '06
South Korea

Alex Page is excited to have the opportunity to spend a year teaching children in South Korea. Page, an English and World Literature major, is interested in ceramics and mixed media as well as Environmental Studies. While at Pitzer, he taught outdoor education to fifth- and sixth-graders as part of Pitzer’s LEEP (Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership) program.

Page has spent his summers as a camp counselor on an organic farm where he served as the assistant camp director for about 100 children ranging in age from 8 to 16.

“Pitzer was a great environment for me. I could not have asked for anything else from the College,” Page said. He credits Al Wachtel, Jill Benton, David Furman, Nigel Boyle and Carol Brandt as particularly inspirational and supportive faculty while at Pitzer.

His campus activities include serving as the president of the Social Activities Committee, co-coordinating the Bob Marley Festival, and participating in the Pitzer Outdoor Adventure group. He participated in the Pitzer in Italy program during his junior year at Pitzer. His sister, Juliete, graduated from Pitzer College in 1996.

Page is a bass guitarist and has played in the student band Erica and the Dream Fight for the past four years.

Raumene Rahatzad '06

Raumene Rahatzad '06
Pitzer's First Fulbright to Azerbaijan

Raumene Rahatzad graduated on Sunday and received the wonderful news on the following Tuesday that he was awarded a Fulbright to Azerbaijan, a country in Southwest Asia.

He will research religion as it affects Azerbaijan’s national identity. Azerbaijan’s literal translation is “the land of eternal flames” and is a country with deep Zoroastrian roots, a majority Muslim population, and a country in search of its identity since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Rahatzad will complete a four-month training program of intensive Azeri to assist in his field work, and will complete Azeri language courses at Western University in Baku. His research will focus on documented observations and interviews with locals in Baku.

An active student leader at Pitzer, Rahatzad was the founder and president of the Iranian Students Association of the Claremont Colleges; and was founder and co-president of the student organization Justice for Israel and Palestine from spring 2004 through spring 2006.

During his junior year at Pitzer, he studied abroad in Amman, Jordan, researching how westernization has affected traditional notions of Arab beauty as expressed in classic literature and poetry. He graduated with honors in International/ Intercultural Studies with a focus on the Middle East.