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Fulbright Record

Bianca Barragan '06

Kathleen Brooks '06
First Fulbright Representative to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Fluent in German and French, Kathleen Brooks was influenced by a mother who speaks five languages and who designed one of the most successful English as a Second Language programs in the United States. Brooks will be the first Fulbright representative to study and teach in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Her interest in teaching in Bosnia-Herzegovina was engendered by her study of ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia as part of a study abroad program last year.

Brooks gained a unique insight into the Serbian life: “What it is like to be a kid sitting on the roof of your apartment, watching the bombs drop on your city like fireworks; what it is like to be a university student in a country with a 25% unemployment rate; and what it is like to feel betrayed by your government and the international community.”

During her first semester at Pitzer, Brooks taught English to incarcerated youths at Camps Afflerbaugh-Paige, a prison school. Feeling like an outsider in their community, Brooks said that she had to gain their trust by opening up and sharing before she could ask them to do the same.

“The learning process was reciprocal, with everyone simultaneously teaching and learning from each other,” she said.

Chris Burwick '06

Chris Burwick '06

A German Studies and history major at Pitzer, Chris Burwick learned to speak German as a child at home. “Since my family is German, I have spent every summer in Germany and consider myself bilingual and bicultural,” Burwick said.

Burwick has been instrumental in bringing various German musicians and journalists to campus. He has worked with Professor Dipa Basu and other professors to bring prominent German journalists who are connected to the popular music scene to the Pitzer campus, including Thomas Venker and Thees Uhlmann.

Burwick says that he has learned much from his adviser Professor Andre Wakefield, Professor Al Wachtel and Professor Judy Grabiner, the latter who has made mathematics “doable and interesting” for him.
Ultimately, Burwick said he hopes to teach German as a foreign language in the U.S. combined with his interest in contemporary German music.

Burwick’s older brother graduated from Pitzer in 1995 as an art and German major.

“I decided to attend Pitzer because I was both familiar and comfortable with the environment. I also find the people incredibly open and friendly,” Chris Burwick said.