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First Things First

Jenniphr Goodman ’84 Wins Third Annual Alumni Award

Jenniphr Goodman

The Third Annual Distinguished Alumni Award was presented during Alumni Weekend on April 29 at the All Class Reunion Dinner. The award, the highest honor bestowed upon a graduate of Pitzer College, recognizes an alumna/us who has brought honor and distinction to the College through her or his outstanding achievements. This year, the College honored the creative energy of an alumna and her many achievements in film production. Jenniphr Goodman, a 1984 graduate of Pitzer, embodies the College's commitment to producing engaged, socially responsible, citizens of the world.

After four amazing years at Pitzer, Jenniphr received her B.A. in creative writing and film making in 1984. She returned to her hometown in Cleveland, Ohio, to teach art to preschool children after graduating.

She spent the next eight years earning her M.F.A. from New York University’s Film School and graduated with an award as the best director in her class.

Jenniphr moved to Santa Fe after film school with Eric Pope (now her husband) so that he could earn his teaching credentials. They moved in with Eric’s friend, Duncan, and spent many hours debating politics, the O.J. Simpson trial and the world in general. Jenniphr soon discovered that Duncan was a unique character, who became her inspiration for and co-writer of the film, The Tao of Steve, along with her sister, Greer Goodman. The film premiered with critical acclaim at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival and became one of the most successful independent films that year.

Jenniphr was named the sixth recipient of the Beverle Houston Memorial Award in 1993 at Pitzer College, to honor her many achievements in film production. Then in the spring of 1994, Jenniphr was the featured speaker at an Atherton Dinner at Pitzer. She is also a current member of the Pitzer College Board of Friends for the Arboretum and Grove House.

Jenniphr said she is thrilled to be named the 2006 Pitzer College Distinguished Alumna. Her life journey has been filled with joy and struggle and Jenniphr is grateful to Pitzer for nurturing her imagination and creative skills. She thanks her Pitzer classmate and life-long friend, Robin Wiener ’81, who also resides in Santa Fe, for nominating her for this incredible honor.

Jenniphr still lives in Santa Fe with her husband, Eric, and two daughters, Emerson and Sydney. She continues to write and has been working on another film script with her sister, Greer, for the past five years.