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We are the Pitzer Parent Association

Dear Pitzer Parents:

All parents are members of the Pitzer Parents Association. Through programs and special events, the Parents Association supports and contributes to the educational objectives of the College. The Parents Association seeks to foster a warm, welcoming and inclusive community for all Pitzer parents.

In particular, the Parent Leadership Council provides a voice to the College on behalf of parents. The Council meets twice a year on the Pitzer College campus to discuss programming for Parent Orientation, Family Weekend, the Silent Auction and other matters relating to parents and students.

Through serving as a volunteer, by hosting an event, assisting with an on-campus event, making calls to incoming students’ parents, or contributing to the Annual Parents Fund, you are enhancing the Pitzer community and taking part in the exceptional education our sons and daughters are receiving. Volunteering at Pitzer helps me to keep in touch with my son Neil’s education. It offers us the opportunity for more meaningful conversations because I know what is happening where he is—without hovering.

Parents Association

Parents throughout the nation have contributed significantly to the Pitzer community by hosting events for parents and alumni at their homes. On September 30, Dr. and Mrs. Steven and Diane Demeter P’09 invited Pitzer parents and alumni to their home in Del Mar, California. The event featured an address by President Trombley titled “Excellence, Innovation and the Global Community.” On October 14, I hosted an event for parents and alumni at my home in Sonoma County, California, featuring wines from the area. Robert Siegel and Susan Kargman P’07 held a reception at their home in New York while President Trombley was visiting the city on November 2.

Whether you choose to lend “hands-on” support or simply attend functions planned in your geographic area, Pitzer welcomes your participation. Please keep an eye open for upcoming Parents Association invitations, announcements and e-newsletters that keep you informed. I look forward to your involvement!


Paula Pretlow P’08, Parents Association President