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We are the Alumni Board

The Alumni Association Board of Directors (Alumni Board) is a volunteer group of alumni dedicated to keeping alumni connected with each other and the College. Helping to organize events, services, and programs for every Pitzer alumna/us, Alumni Board members are appointed for two-year terms and work to enhance activities such as reunions, educational programs, chapter and service events, student/alumni mentoring and networking, and the Alumni Fund.

Through various efforts, Alumni Board members:

  • are educated resources about current Pitzer issues and events.
  • create avenues for alumni to contribute to the life of the College and be a resource to campus constituents.
  • dedicate their time and talents to enhance and promote the visibility of the College.
  • act as liaisons between the College and the alumni population.

2006-07 Alumni Board Members

Ella Pennington ’81

Vice Presidents
Jennifer Bale-Kushner ’87 - Strategic Planning
Claudio Chavez ’88 - Chapters
Alizah Salario ’03 - Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD)
Bryan Gibb ’91 - Alumni Fund

Members at Large
Adeena Bleich ’99
Thomas Brock ’83
Marka Carson ’85
Ruett Foster ’81
Samantha Garcia-Eggen ’94
Michael Harris ’91
Lisa Hart ’89
Diane Reyes ’91
Yolanda Romanello ’03

Student Representatives
Olivia Sajjadieh ’09
Rebekah Tinker ’10

Faculty Representatives
David Bachman, assistant professor of mathematics
Sharon Snowiss, professor of Political Studies

Alumni Board
Standing: Alizah Salario ’03, Assistant Professor of Mathematics David Bachman, Adeena Bleich ’99, Ella Pennington ’81, Olivia Sajjadieh ’09 and Ruett Foster ’81 Sitting: Rebekah Tinker ’10, Lisa Hart ’89, Marka Carson ’85 and Yolanda Romanello ’05
Not pictured: Jennifer Bale-Kushner ’87, Thomas Brock ’83, Claudio Chavez ’88, Samantha Garcia-Eggen ’94, Bryan Gibb ’91, Ben Godsill ’00, Michael Harris ’91, Diane Reyes ’91, Professor of Political Studies Sharon Snowiss

For Class Notes, please visit the Alumni Connection Center (log in required)