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Lauren Dolgen ’97, Amy Kaufman ’01 and Marjorie Light ’06 share their thoughts on thinking outside the box at Pitzer and beyond.

Amy Kaufman ’01 | Former KSPC General Manager

Amy Kaufman

KSPC radio celebrated its fiftieth anniversary earlier this year, and while it may be located on Pomona College’s campus, it’s in the hearts of so many Pitzer alumni, both as former volunteers and as listeners. In a lot of ways, I think KSPC embodies Pitzer’s spirit more than those of the other colleges—it is still one of the few stations in the country truly dedicated to playing “underground” music (i.e. nothing from big labels), and in which students play a huge role. There is only one full-time staff member; the rest is managed entirely by students. KSPC is known for being innovative and unusual and doing what we think is best despite knowing the sort of money we could make by selling out. I would happily and proudly say some of my very favorite Pitzer memories are from the Thatcher basement, and I know my station friends feel the same way; several of us graduated in 2001 and we still find ourselves down there doing summer radio shows and looking through photos. Visit www.kspc.org to check out our KSPC webstream.

KSPCCurrently I am pursuing a master’s degree at Cal State Long Beach so I can become a marriage and family therapist; I hope to work with adolescents. My other current goals are visiting every cupcake bakery in the country, and eventually having enough time and medical insurance to skate with one of the Southern California roller derby leagues.

—Amy Kaufman ’01


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