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Watching Media Studies Grow

It has been my pleasure to watch, during the past ten years, the growth of the Pitzer Media Studies Field Group, from a one-person operation into what is now regarded as one of the best undergraduate Media Studies programs in the country.

With dynamic leadership from professors Alex Juhasz, Jesse Lerner, Ming-Yuen Ma and Gina Lamb and from Tracy Biga MacLean, Enid Somogyi and Eddie Gonzalez, the program has rapidly grown into one of the largest majors in the College. Under this leadership, Media Studies became a 5-College department at the beginning of the 2004-2005 academic year.
As if in celebration of this milestone, the department was selected to host the prestigious Flaherty Film Festival, which had previously been hosted exclusively in East Coast venues. The program’s unique approach to Media Studies fuses media theory and criticism with cutting edge media production and activism. Within the past year, the program’s production facilities have been dramatically upgraded and consolidated in Pitzer’s Scott Hall. The program itself perfectly complements Pitzer’s unique educational objectives.

Alan Jones
Pitzer College Dean of Faculty


Cutting through the Static








Alex Juhasz
Jesse Lerner
Tracy Biga MacLean
Ming-Yuen S. Ma
Gina Lamb
Enid Somogyi
Mike Simpson '86
Zach Putnam '03