Standard Class Times

Unless otherwise indicated, classes meet at the times listed below.  Some courses including art classes, music classes, some language courses and laboratory sessions deviate from these times.                                                            

            MWF                                MW                                   TR                                  TR

           8:00-8:50                         11:00-12:15**                  8:10-9:25                      12:00-1:10*

           9:00-9:50                         12:00-1:10*                      9:35-10:50                    1:15-2:30

           10:00-10:50                     1:15-2:30                         2:45-4:00

           11:00-11:50                     2:45-4:00                         4:15-5:30*

           12:00-12:50*                   4:15-5:30*                                                           

*Courses are not offered at Pomona College during these time periods.                                                                     

**MW 11:00-12:15 offered at HMC and Pomona only.                                                                          

Single day seminars (Except PO): 2:45-5:30 M,T,W or R (at Scripps, seminars meet M or W only)                      

Single day seminars at HM & PO: M/T/W/R/F 1:15-4:00pm (Scripps meets F only and CMC meets F 9-12pm & 1-4pm)

Evenings: 7:00-9:50pm (one day per week; with break) 

PO evening courses are offered on M/W/F evenings only. CMC offers additional evening timeslots MTWR.