Student Papers Archive

Fall 2013

From Seed to Table: Introducing Produce to Two Corner Stores in Ontario
Briana Perlson

Sowing Hope to Harvest Change: Exploring the Development of Ontario's First Community Garden
Marcela Jones

Van Keenen and Frankel

Fall 2012

Temporary Labor: Issues of Health and Safety Experienced by Warehouse Workers in the Inland Empire
Emily Phipps

Temporary Workers and Health & Safety: A Case Study of Warehouse Workers in the Inland Empire
Izzy Weisz

From the Ground Up:  Perceptions of Food and Health: A Case Study of Ontario, California
Shannon Leap

Power of the People: The Impact of Food Culture in Ontario, California on Creating a Healthy Community and Sustaining a Community Garden
Wesley Quevedo

The Fight for Homeless Rights: A Case Study of the Wheelhouse’s Collaboration with Ontario’s Homeless
Hannah Weiss

The Right to Public Education: A Case Study of ICUC’s Proposition 30 Campaign
Matt Wolf

Change as a Process: A Case Study of the Pronto Market in Ontario, California
Simone Fine

Spring 2012

Regional Landscapes of Food Access in Ontario
Sage Schaftel

Making the Grade: A Closer Look at Teacher Quality
Brian Robbins

Trials, Tribulations, and Transitions: A Case Study of the Huerta del Valle Community Garden
Ru Apt and Zavi Engles

Program Evaluation: ICUC Youth Group in Ontario (Benefit, Change, and Challenge)
Candy Chen

Finding Hope in Life and Education
Gio Soto

Occupy Wall Street: is it a Moment or a Movement?
Hee Young Kim

Fall 2011

The Community Prisoner Mother Program: The Voices You Haven’t Heard
April Wilson

Latinos, Cars, and Locals in the Model Colony: Perspectives on Downtown Ontario
Pablo Baeza and Sam Feldman Greene

Experiences of the Occupy Movement: Systematic Oppression and the Importance of Communication
Laura Ball

Charity, Church, and Change: A Review of Christianity, Social Change, and Homelessness in the Inland Empire
Lizzie Koehler

Sustaining Ourselves: A Political Ecology Perspective on Urban Agriculture as Community Development
Keiko Budech and Sophie Weiss

Spring 2011

Killing Giants and Fighting Mountains
Max Estela

Sustainable Agriculture, Local Food Systems, and Growing Community: An Ethnography of Amy’s Farm
Casey Gordon and Grace Rosenthal

Colton, California: Preserving Historical Architecture at the Crossroads of the San Bernardino Valley
Matt Robertson

What It Means to “Be Somebody:” Redefining Parental Involvement and Social Mobility in Public Education 
Joanna Lamb Looby, Natalie Mendoza and Jacey Rubinstein

Culinary Redemption: A Case Study of the Food Culture at a Faith-Based School
Nora Stewart

The Foreclosure Crisis in the Inland Empire: A Faith-Based Response
Charlie Carden

Formalizing “Informal” Work: Uniting Contingent Warehouse Employment
Laura Gutierrez