Field Trips

Field trips are a central component of ONT101 Critical Community Studies and expand on course themes of environmental racism, housing/homelessness, immigration and education.

Toxic Tour of the Inland Empire

On this trip, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) will introduce students to the toxic and super-fund sites in the Inland Empire, focusing on Riverside and San Bernardino. This trip and this organization will help contextualize the environmental history of this region and provide a model for community-based organization and action.

Housing Tour

Lack of affordable housing and homelessness comprise a crisis that is transforming the way people utilize and value urban spaces. This trip will introduce students to housing solutions and alternatives that are being implemented in local communities. Housing and homelessness are important aspects of the contemporary urban landscape.  This trip introduces you to housing models and alternatives that are being implemented in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

U.S.- Mexico Border and Immigration

Our trip to the border will explore many factors involved in understanding immigration and border economies. During this two-day trip to the border, you will explore the many factors involved in understanding immigration and border economies.  Particular emphasis will be placed on examining the connection between global market integration, neo-liberal economic policies, and migration and anti-immigrant movements.

Education Panel

The current state of education in the United States is a major site of concern.  During the education panel teachers, researchers, and education experts will discuss pertinent social, political, and economic issues surrounding education and educational achievement.