Program for 2013-14
"Technology Changes" - Technology Film & Lecture Series

Each academic year, the Ruth and Lee Munroe Center for Social Inquiry continues the pursuit of interdisciplinary learning and public inquiry embodied by the lives and service of two of Pitzer’s most distinguished and beloved professors Robert "Lee" Munroe, research professor of anthropology, and the late Ruth Hagberg Munroe.

The Center sponsors a themed series of events, including lectures, seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions, screenings, and performances.

This year the topic is Technology. One definition of “technology” might be “things people make and use to improve their experience and world.” From the wheel to the iPhone, some see the invention and use of technologies as forces towards human’s liberation or equality, while others understand technologies as reinforcing divisions in society. Does our understanding of who owns, builds, sells, and uses technology allow us to better understand how it shapes us as much as we shape it?

Students of The Claremont Colleges can apply to be Student Fellows of the Center for each spring semester. MCSI Student Fellows enroll in MCSI 195, which involves attending all of the spring events of the Center, small group meetings with the Center’s visiting speakers, and the preparation of a semester-long research paper or media presentation. The position of Student Fellow in the Center is limited to 18 students, with 12 spaces reserved for Pitzer students and up to six spaces available for students from the other Claremont Colleges.

Applications are available from the Dean of Faculty’s office and on the Center’s website and are due in November 2013. In the spring of 2014, the Center’s theme of inquiry is Technology. The Director for 2013-17 is Professor Alexandra Juhasz.

The program for the 2013-14 academic year includes two fall events and a series of lectures and performances in Spring 2014.