Spring 2013 Event Theme
Examining THE CITY: Issues of Sustainability, Social Stratification,
Democratic Public Spheres, Privatization, Cosmopolitanism and the Arts

In 2013, MCSI’s spring event series explored the City.

One definition of “city” might be “a place of such dense inhabitation that it (i) cannot feed itself and (ii) produces more waste than it is healthy for humans to live with.” Yet, even while there is some truth to this definition, there are also good reasons to think that humanity’s only sustainable future involves further “densification,” that is, further urbanization. This lecture and event series looks at “cities” in terms of issues of human sustainability, but equally in terms of social stratification, democratic public spheres, cosmopolitanism, and the arts.

Daniel A. Segal
Director, Munroe Center for Social Inquiry
Jean M. Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and Professor of Historical Studies