Theme for Spring 2011: Schooling in Mass Societies

In the Spring 2011 semester, MCSI will present a semester-long event series on "Schooling in Mass Societies" (scheduled for Tuesdays at 4:15 throughout the semester).

This event series will pursue a dialogue between (i) debates about educational policy and (ii) the study of mass schooling as a prominent element of societies throughout the world over the last two centuries or so (since the industrial revolution, roughly speaking).

The MCSI event series will be particularly concerned with the relationship between schooling, on the one hand, and global and local social inequalities, processes of standardization (of languages and identities, for instance), the composition of labor markets, and the entry of secular knowledge into everyday habits of mind, on the other. We will be looking at all levels of schools, from pre-school though higher education. Our goal is to use the investigation of schooling as a social-historical phenomenon to expand and improve ongoing debates about educational policies and practices.