Mail Center

Faculty and Staff Mailroom Procedures

USPS (United Postal Services)

Outgoing USPS
If you need to have mail metered please make sure you allow plenty of time for it to be metered before the postman arrives. Mail dropped in the Bernard mailroom before 2:00 will be processed for the afternoon mail run. Any mail dropped after 2:00 will be sent out the next business day.

Special Handling
To guarantee a delivery service, mail that requires special handling needs to be brought to the Atherton mailroom and handed to a clerk. Do NOT drop mail requiring special handling in the Bernard slot, or in the drops in the Atherton mail room.

Preparing Mailings

Format for Mailing Address
Recipients Name
Pitzer College Box # A- ___
1050 N. Mills Claremont, CA 91711

Addressing Your Envelope
When possible, please type the address, or be sure to print clearly, the Post Office machine must be able to read it. Your return address is VERY important. The return address is how we bill your mail. "Pitzer College, 1050 N. Mills" is not sufficient; the department name or the name of the individual mailing the letter must be on the envelope. This will speed up the delivery of your mail. If it is unclear who is sending the mail piece, we will be forced to open the letter and return it to sender to be re-addressed.

Non-Pitzer Related Mail
Charging personal correspondence to Pitzer accounts is not permitted. Any questionable mail will be sent back to the head of the department.

Personal Mail
The mailroom cannot be responsible for mail addressed to family or friends. We cannot be expected to know everyone’s name. Please do not have mail for family or friends sent to the mailroom.

Outgoing Metered Mail
Large mailings: Advanced notice is required of mailings of 1,000 pieces or more. This helps us prepare for the day and better manage your mailing. If you would like your pieces to be sealed, the flaps must be up and the insert must be completely in the envelope. (We can only seal letter-size envelopes). The sealing portion of the machine does not seal well, so if you have a large mailing; I would suggest hand sealing the letters. If you choose to use our sealer we can not be responsible for the envelopes not being sealed.

Postcards: If you are having the mailroom meter your postcard, have a sample prepared to run through the machine prior to printing. Postcards are difficult to meter if the paper is too thin, dark colors are on the back, or the card stock has a slick surface. In that case you will need to put stamps on your mailing. Remember, the size of your postcard is important when determining the cost. The minimum size of your post card can be 3 ½” by 5” the maximum is 4 ¼” by 6” and anything over will increase the postage from .25 cents to .41 cents.

Paperclips and bound packets: Do not use paper clips in your mailings (especially binder clips). The paper clips do not go through the meter machine and often tears your packaging. Even if we do catch it, the machines at the Post Office are much larger and a lot rougher on your mail. To protect the integrity of your mail, do not use them. The bound packets jam the meter machine and rip the envelopes. If you have a mailing containing coil bindings, these types of bindings do not work in the meter machine. Please keep this in mind when preparing your mailing. If it does not work in our machine chances are it will not work at the post office. Please feel free to consult with us for any proposed mailings.

Preprinted Postage: If your mail has postage imprinted the mailroom cannot handle that mail. You must bundle, sort, and deliver it to the post office yourself. If you do not wish to process your mail, then you must cover the imprint with a white label before bringing it to the mailroom.

Size: Make sure the size of your letter fits the size of the envelope. When you over stuff an envelope there is a greater risk of the envelope ripping and losing your letter. If your insert is too small for the envelope, there is a risk of the envelope being jammed in the machine. Remember, if it does not fit, don’t force it. The size of a letter or postcard will determine how much your mail piece will cost. The minimum size of a postcard is 3 ½” by 5”. The maximum size is 4 ¼” by 6”. Anything over that will be posted at first class letter rate.

Bernard Mail Slot
Mail going off Campus: If you are sending out more then 5 pieces to any school, they must be sorted first by building, and then bundled by school. Intercampus mail will NOT pick up mail that has not been presorted in this manner.
Pitzer Campus mail: Again, if you have more then 5 pieces of mail. please rubber band it. Not only does it help the Mail Center in sorting of the mail, it eliminates risk of campus mail being metered and mailed out, saving both time and money. International mail should be kept separate.

Large Package or Mailings
If you have a mailing of over 100 pieces, please bring them to the Atherton Mail Center. If you have a package that is too large for the mail drop do NOT leave it by the door. We will not be responsible for your packages. They must be brought to the Atherton Mail Center.

Pitzer College Mail Center
Atherton Hall 101
Hours of Operation: M-F, 8 am-5 pm
909.607.3827 (ext. 73827)