Spanish Tutoring

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Michele Buscher - Language Lab Coordinator

Michele has been the language lab coordinator for a year and a half here at Pitzer.  She has worked in International Programs for Todd Sasaki during the summer International Fellow Programs. She was also the Pitzer coordinator for the Kobe Women’s University, Japan last summer.  Her interest in foreign language has taken her around the world to Europe, Japan, and the UK.  Michele recently finished her doctorate in Religious Studies at the Claremont Graduate University. 

Priscilla Cobian

Priscilla Cobian (coordinator)

Priscilla Cobian is a first-year at Pitzer College and is one of the coordinators for the spanish conversation groups and tutoring. Priscilla was promoted to the position of coordinator her first semester of freshman year. She is also involved in Tutors for a Cause and Latino Student Union. Her hobbies include but are not limited to watching movies, reading plays in spanish, making piñatas, bike riding and socializing with friends.

Lila Mendoza

Lila Mendoza (coordinator)

Lila Mendoza is a senior at Pitzer College and is majoring in Environmental Analysis and Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. She is the coordinator of the Spanish Conversation Groups and has been involved in several activities on campus, including, but not limited to Tutors for a Cause, Jumpstart, Nahuatl Club, Strive for College. She has a great passion for education and hopes to pursue a Ph.D in Sociology one day.

Sally Jaramillo

Sally Jaramillo (group Leader and tutor)

Sally is a senior at Pitzer College who is currently working on getting her BA in Media Studies and Spanish. She is a Newscaster for Pomona’s underground radio station KSPC on 88.7. She is also currently interning for Mizhollywood, blogging about celebrities fashion for less. Over the years she has studied abroad in Mexico, Costa Rica, and China. Her dream is to become a famous Latina news anchor. She is extremely passionate about women’s rights as well as other social justice issues.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

Abigail Arriazola (group leader and tutor)

Abigail Arriazola is a fourth year Senior at Pitzer College majoring in Mathematical Economics and Foreign Languages (Spanish & Italian). Abigail has been vastly involved on campus in activities such as: teaching ESL at the Pomona Day Labor Center, Tutors for a Cause, Strive for College, and taught ESL in Italy (Scola Tuscanini), and has been a Spanish conversation group leader/tutor during all her four years at Pitzer college.

Gabriel Navarez

Gabriela Nevarez (tutor)

Gabriela is a sophomore at Pitzer College. This is her first year as a Spanish tutor.


Ramon Jauregui (group leader and tutor)

Ramon Jauregui is a junior at Pitzer and has been with the Spanish Conversation Groups for three years.

Cora Regas

Cora Regas (group leader and tutor)

Cora Regas is a sophomore at Pitzer College studying English and Economics. She is originally from the Bay Area.


Mayte Sanchez (group leader and tutor)

Mayte Sanchez is a fourth year majoring in Political Studies and Sociology at Pitzer College. She is the coordinator for the Latino Student Union and interns at Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige. She hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Policy.

Mirca Cruz-Melchor

Mirca Cruz-Melchor (group leader)

Mirca is a first year at Pitzer College who is hoping to major in Sociology. She is originally from Austin Texas where she received her firefighting certification. Mirca is also involved in other activities such as Tutors for a Cause, Latino Student Union and Jumpstart.


Mayra Sandoval (group leader and tutor)

Mayra Sandoval is a first year at Pitzer College pursuing a double major in Economics and Sociology. She is involved in Latino Student Union and is also an intern for the Diversity Program at the office of admission. Mayra was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and enjoys the beach, hiking, and learning about contemporary street art.


Giovanni Soto (group leader and tutor)

Giovanni is a sophomore at PItzer College who is majoring in Sociology and Political Studies. He is also involved with Camp AP and is currently working on a community project in the city of Watts.