Submission Instructions

The complete application, including all supporting documents should be submitted as a single PDF file to If the principal investigator is a student, the Application for Review must be signed by a faculty sponsor, and the name and contact information for the faculty sponsor should be included on the consent form (as well as the contact information for the IRB:

Checklist for Completed Applications. Please print this page and refer to the appropriate section to determine whether your application for IRB approval is complete.

Section I. If you are a Pitzer College faculty member, staff member, or student and have not previously received Pitzer IRB approval for your research, your application must include

__ application cover sheet signed by the principal investigator and faculty sponsor (where appropriate)

__ a copy of the certificate confirming completion of the NIH Web-based training course “Protecting Human Research Participants” for each person involved in the research project.

__ research summary and supporting materials

__ A copy of recruitment materials (e.g. emails, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)

__ A copy of the informed consent form (see sample consent form)

Section II. If you are not a faculty or staff member or a student at Pitzer College, but are a faculty or staff member or a student at one of the other Claremont Colleges, and wish to conduct research at Pitzer College or recruit members of the Pitzer community, or if you are a student and your research is being carried out under the supervision of a Pitzer College faculty member, you must receive IRB approval for your research at your home institution before applying to the Pitzer IRB; your application to the Pitzer IRB must include:

__ a copy of the approval letter(s) from the other institution(s)

__ all of the materials in Section I

Section III: Resubmission. If you are resubmitting an application that involves changes to your previously approved application or was previously denied by the Pitzer College IRB, your application must include

__ a cover letter detailing changes to your previously approved application or a cover letter detailing your response to concerns raised in the review of your previous submission

__ all of the materials in Section I (h). Please highlight or bold all changes from your original application.

Section IV: Continuations. Your IRB approval letter includes a date of expiration that is one year from the date of approval. If your project is still underway and your IRB approval is about to expire, you need to submit a request for a continuation at least one month before that expiration. A request for continued IRB approval must include

__ a completed continuation form

Note: If you wish to recruit at any of The Claremont Colleges, you must apply to each College's IRB.