Wireless Access

Information Technology at Pitzer College has been upgrading the wireless network on campus to the high speed draft ā€œNā€ standard. The current wireless networks, CINE, Claremont, and ClaremontWPA, are still available but now work at the higher speeds in existing locations. The CINE wireless network has access to limited resources. The Claremont network utilizes a captive portal and requires authentication for each session. The Claremont network allows full access to network resources without registration. The more optimal network is the ClaremontWPA. This network, once configured, allows unlimited access to resources as well as maximum security. ClaremontWPA requires a one time setup/authentication and only needs to be re-run if your password is changed. See below for instructions on Getting Connected to the ClaremontWPA.

The Claremont Colleges as a whole are building an infrastructure that will allow seamless network connectivity while roaming the campuses with a laptop computer or other wireless ready device. The equipment used is based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standard and operates within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.


Getting Started

To connect to the ClaremontWPA network click here.


Current Pitzer College Wireless Access Locations

*The shaded areas are only an approximation of reception; some "dead zones" may exist or your coverage may vary.

For more coverage information on each individual campus, visit Claremont Colleges wireless locations