Bernard Hall Computer Lab

Location: Bernard 103 / 105

Phone: 909.607.4998 or x74998

Lab Staff Hours: Mon-Thu 9a-12a, Fri 9a-5p
Sat Closed, Sun 11a-12a

The Bernard Hall Computer Lab has both Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 7 computers, laser printers, scanners and CD/DVD burners. The facility is primarily intended for class papers / projects, electronic communications, instruction and research.

All computers are directly attached to the Pitzer College network.

The Bernard computer facility is accessible 24/7 via student ID card reader during the fall and spring semesters and is staffed by student consultants.

For additional technical assistance or questions, students can contact the Help Desk, Resnet or Lab Supervisor.

New Students Information

Please refer to the Lab and IT Policies and Information document for new students.

Lab Policies

  • NO food or drinks are allowed.
  • NO animals are allowed.
  • NO bicycles, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades.
  • NO removal, reconfiguration, or alteration of any Lab equipment (responsible parties may be liable for damages caused to equipment)
  • Please be considerate of others by not making excessive noise or speaking loudly.
  • Please silence cell phones.
  • Keep the computer workstation area clean at all times.

Account Information

Each student is provided an individual account that can be used to access various computing services and resources, including Pitzer labs, computer classrooms, Pitzer-Gmail, Sakai, myCampus Portal and other academic information.


Passwords must be a minimum of six characters and must include at least one capital letter, one lower case letter and one number. It can also contain special characters (@ $ &). Students can reset passwords in the Lab or on Pitzer computers. For security purposes, passwords are set to expire every 6 months and must be changed prior to avoid your account from being disabled. Password expiration warnings will be sent via email and will appear on PCs at login. Forgotten and expired passwords can be reset by the Bernard Lab Staff with a picture ID, by Pitzer Help Desk or with the PitPass Self-Service Password Management web site. Please refer to PitPass to login and more information.


Black/white, color, and double-sided printing from Mac and PC labs, computer classrooms, and remote printing stations are available only from network connected computers and are debited from students’ print credit account. $10.00 of print credit is added at the beginning of each semester, with balances carrying to next semester. Students can purchase additional print credit in the Lab during staffed hours only. Cash or checks only, credit cards and Claremont Cash is not accepted. Remote printing stations are available and allow printing from personal computers. Please refer to Resnet or the Bernard Lab for information and setup instructions. See below for pricing information. Additional printing services are available on campus from Duplicating Services, Benard 111. Please refer to Duplicating or its Staff for details.

User Network Storage Space

Each student is provided 200MB of data storage on the network. This network share is available from Pitzer campus and Lab computers only (both PC and Mac).  User network data storage is accessible in Windows via the path H:\username and in Mac OS X via “Users” icon on desktop or home folder on lower right desktop corner. Please save all files and work to network share and not to local drive (C: Drive, Macintosh HD, and local Windows/Mac Desktop). Any data saved on local computer may be deleted as computers are subject routine maintenance. Students are advised to have backups of data, especially of personal computer and laptops, in the case of data loss, corruption or theft (backup to USB flash drive, CD, DVD, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, etc). Please see Resnet Help Sheets for instructions to connect to user network shares from students’ own computer.

Equipment and Material Checkout

The Lab has various equipment and material for loan and checkout; please see Lab staff for details. A Pitzer student ID is required to checkout any equipment or material, and the ID must be left with the Lab staff for the duration.

It is prohibited to remove any borrowed equipment or material from the Lab. Special equipment or material may be only available to enrolled students of designated classes. Checkout terms may change.

For your convenience, the Lab offers the following items:

Printing (per physical page) Price:
Black and White Printing $0.05
Color Printing (single and double sided available, please see Lab Staff for information) $0.25
Storage Media  
CD-R $0.75
DVD-R $1.00
USB Flash Drives $15.00
Click here for more information  
Huntley Bookstore and others online retails offer academic dicsounts such as: or