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Employee Benefit Plans & Information | Planes e Información de Beneficios

HIPAA Privacy Notice | Aviso de Privacidad de HIPAA
COBRA Rights General Notice
Creditable Prescription Coverage and Medicare Notice

2014 Benefits Guide | Guía de Beneficios 2014
2014 Benefits at a Glance | Resumen de Beneficios 2014

Benefits Enrollment and Changes Policy

Plan Providers Contact Information

Insurance Plan - Vendor Name Phone Web Address
AD&D: Zurich (866) 841-4771
Dental: Metlife DHMO or DPPO (800) 942-0854
Employee Assistance Program - OptumHealth (800) 234-5465
FSA Administrator - Benesyst (800) 670-7131
Health Savings Account (HSA) - Mellon (877) 472-4200
Life Insurance - Anthem Blue Cross (800) 552-2137
Long Term Care Insurance - Genworth (800) 416-3624
Medical: Anthem Blue Cross HMO (CaliforniaCare) (800) 227-3771
Medical: Anthem Lumenos HDHP (866) 207-9878
Medical: Kaiser Permanente (800) 464-4000
Vision: VSP (plan will end 12/31/13) (800) 877-7195
Vision: Blue View Vision (beginning 01/01/14) (866) 723-0515

Dental Insurance

Metlife Dentist Search
Visit and follow the instructions below for your choice of plan:
DMO Plan: Select "Managed Dental Plan" for plan type and enter "MET3757" for the plan name.
PPO Plan: Select "DPPO" for plan type.
You can also call Metlife at (800) 942-0854.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Beneysyst is our FSA administrator. Visit to create an online account to track your balance and access information and tools. You can also download a claim for for the Healthcare FSA or the Dependent Care FSA on their website.

FSA Contribution Limits:
Healthcare FSA: $300 minimum to $2,500 maximum
Dependent Care FSA: $300 minimum to $5,000 maximum
Note: you have until March 15 of the following year to incur expenses for the plan year, and until June 30 of the following year to submit a claim form and receipts for a plan year.

Medical Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross | In-Network Doctor and Hospital Search
1. Visit Temporarily allow pop-ups on your web browser for this website.
2. Under "Useful Tools" on the right side, select "Find a Doctor (Dentist, Pharmacy or Hospital)".
3. On the next screen, under "What are you looking for?" select the type of search you want to run and follow the prompts to fill in the fields to set the criteria.
4. For item 4 "What insurance plan would you like to use?", if you have your Anthem Blue Cross HMO card, enter your member number under "Existing Member Search" and click "Next". Otherwise, select the following under the corresponding fields:
State: California
Plan Type: HMO
Plan Name: Blue Cross HMO (CACare) - Large Group
5. Click "Search" and the results will appear.
6. Click on the hyperlink of the doctor's name to see detailed information. Under "Affiliations" you'll find the three-letter facility ID code which is used when enrolling.

Health Savings Account (HSA)
Participation in an HSA requires enrollment in the Lumenos HSA medical plan.
Payroll deductions can be set up if you elect to establish your HSA with Mellon.

Maximum Contribution Amounts for 2014:

Employee Only: $3,300 maximum
Family: $6,500 maximum
Catch-Up Contribution for 55 and Older: up to an additional $1,000

Education and Professional Development

Rideshare: Transportation Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

In compliance with regulations of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Pitzer has this rideshare program. The plan is designed to encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation whenever possible in order to reduce the number of vehicles arriving on our campus.  Incentives are provided to eligible participants in the program. Note: employees who live on-campus are not eligible for this program. For more information, including participation forms, please contact Maricela Rios, (909) 607-9436.

Wellness Programs Information

Work/Life Fit | Benefits & Resources

Summary Annual Reports for Benefit Plans

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Academic Retirement Plan | 2010
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