Facilities and Campus Services

Pitzer Safety Committee 2011-2012

The Safety and Health Committee adopts, implements and maintains the Pitzer College Illness and Injury Prevention Program. The Safety and Health Committee is a standing college committee, which serves to communicate the health and safety policies of the College.

Position Name Title Ext.
Chair Larry Burik Facilities Director 72226
Vice Chair Marni Bobich Director, Human Resources 78533
Ex Officio Member Chauncey Jones Environmental and Safety Specialist 77087
Staff Member Laurie Babcock Web Architect, Office of Communications 18219
Staff Member Chris Brunelle Assistant Dean of Students 72988
Staff Member Sandy Hamilton Director, Office of Graduate Fellowships / Academic Administration 79108
Staff Member Dennis Lofland Bon Appetit Manager 72788
Staff Member Chris Peterson Server/Desktop Manager, IT 18625
Staff Member Nicole Rocha Facilities Administration Supervisor 72226
Student Member tbd Student Senate Chair 18241
Student Member tbd Student Member 18241