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Scott Hall Renovation

Scott Hall will embark on a significant renovation. As one of the original structures on the Pitzer campus, this represents a unique opportunity to not only modernize the building in order to facilitate 21st century learning, but to revitalize an important pillar of the campus community.

The synergy between student and faculty represents a key driver in support of creating progressive interdisciplinary learning environments. For this reason, the building will co-locate faculty offices, Dean of Faculty, Student Affairs, Career Services, Community Engagement Center, Information Technology, classroom and photography labs. Faculty offices will retain current proportions, with the upgrades yielding three additional offices within Scott Hall second floor.

The building will be outfitted with energy efficient lighting, improved data connectivity, high performance electrical and mechanical upgrades, sustainable materials and finishes as well as code required fire suppression and accessibility improvements. While many of the enhancements are interior focused, the renewal of Scott Hall will be responsive to the unique character of its mid-century modern origins and the role that it represents as the established campus aesthetic.

The Scott Hall renovation will require temporary relocations of faculty, staff and groups into Holden Hall. Considerations have been made to accommodate unique operational requirements during this temporary occupancy. Relocation service professionals will assist the occupants for all moves. In addition to the Scott Hall renovation, specific improvements will be made in limited areas of the following buildings: Bernard Hall, Fletcher Hall, McConnell Center, Broad Hall, Mead Hall and Avery Hall.

The College worked with the City of Claremont Building Department for several months to finalize the temporary use of Holden Hall as an office space during the renovations in Scott Hall.

LPA Architects was selected to lead the project design efforts. Professors Harmony O'Rourke, Bill Anthes, Adrian Pantoja and Tim Berg will participate on an interior design subcommittee to assist LPA with architectural details and furniture selections.

Information and timeline regarding construction and office relocation will be available shortly.

Scott Hall Model Views

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