Pitzer College Professor Edits Critical Insights: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Claremont, Calif. (March 18, 2011)— Professor Albert Wachtel has edited and contributed to a book of critical essays about A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce for Salem Press’ Critical Insights series.

This volume helpfully places Joyce's largely autobiographical novel in the context of his life and time, enlarging our understanding of the biographical and historical fields the story covers from the arts to the sciences. There is also a survey of critical evaluations, explanations and appreciations of the book, revealing a kaleidoscope of fruitful approaches to which readers now have access and to which more insights can and will be added.

The essays collected in this volume provide a wide spectrum of useful information and critical approaches.
The volume's appendixes offer a section of useful reference resources:

  •         A chronology of the author's life
  •         A complete list of the author's works and their original dates of publication
  •         A general bibliography
  •         A detailed paragraph on the volume's editor
  •         Notes on the individual chapter authors
  •         A subject index

Wachtel teaches literature and creative studies at Pitzer College.  Among his other published works are short stories and essays including among others “Goddess” and “Ham” in The Gettysburg Review,” “Cradle and All ” in The Southern Review, “A Clean Slate” in Moment Magazine, “ From Cross to Swastika: The Theology of Hate” in Midstream,  “Modernism” in the Critical Survey of Poetry, opinion pieces in the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and two previous books, The Cracked Looking Glass: James Joyce and the Nightmare of History and Modernism: Challenges and Perspectives.

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