Pitzer College Professor Authors New Book

Claremont, Calif. (June 7, 2010) - Pitzer College Professor Jesse Lerner authored The Maya of Modernism: Art, Architecture and Film published by University of New Mexico Press. Lerner teaches media studies at Pitzer.

The Maya of Modernism examines the ways artists, architects, filmmakers, photographers and other producers of visual culture in Mexico, the United States, Europe and beyond have mined Mayan history and imagery.

Beginning his study in the mid-nineteenth century, with the first mechanically reproduced and mass distributed images of the Mayan ruins and ending with recent works that address this history of representation, Lerner argues that Maya modernism is the product of an ongoing pan-American modernism characterized by a continuing series of reinterpretations, collaborations and exchanges in which Yucatecans, Mexicans and foreigners, mestizos, Mayas and others all participate and are free to endorse, misunderstand, reinterpret or reject each other's ideas.

The Maya of Modernism: Art, Architecture and Film is currently available through all major book retailers. For more information, visit: http://unmpress.com/books.php?ID=12585664231699&Page=book.

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