Fun Facts

Pitzer College is unique amongst institutions of higher education—it marries educational excellence and a commitment to social justice and sustainability with rich and quirky traditions.

Grove House Citrus Grove
The Grove House was purchased for $1 and moved from Claremont to campus in 1977 as part of a student project. Fruit produced by trees in the citrus grove is regularly used in the Grove House kitchen.
Relaxing in hammocks Mt. Baldy
Pitzer students relax in hammocks on the Mounds, officially named Pellessier Mall. Pitzer sits on an alluvial plain in the shadow of Mount San Antonio, better known as Mt. Baldy, the highest peak in the San Gabriel mountain range.
Organic Garden Cecil
There is a student-founded and maintained organic garden. Cecil the Sagehen is the Pitzer-Pomona sports mascot.
Jim Marchant
Pitzer’s first graduating class had three students who designed the commencement regalia still used today. Thanks to bets with students, Jim Marchant, executive director, Advancement and special projecs, got a tattoo of the Pitzer tree and an orange Mohawk.
Prickly pear blossoms
Freshly-baked Grove House cookies are famous. Much of Pitzer’s landscaping is native/low water.
Provida Futuri Mural
.The orange tree that appears in Pitzer College's wordmark and Provida Futuri seal was designed by Thomas Jamieson of Claremont, chosen to honor Pitzer's founder Russell K. Pitzer. The mural in the George C.S. Benson Auditorium atrium, Pitzer Past, Present, Future, features the likenesses of Pitzer founders, faculty, staff and students.
Chickens Trayless Dining
There is a chicken coop on campus. McConnell Dining Hall was one of the first in the country to be trayless and have reusable to-go boxes.