Expert Directory

Pitzer College faculty experts are ready to assist the members of the media on a variety of topics. If you do not find the topic you’re looking for, contact Anna Chang at 909.607.0491 or

Featured Experts:

Rachel VanSickle-Ward, PhD

Public policy; American politics; California/state politics; women in politics; constitutional law and legal politics

Brian Keeley, PhD

Professor of Psychology Brian Keeley is an expert in the Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy of Mind, and Cognitive Science.

Larry Grill, PhD

Dengue Fever vaccine; FDA processes; FDA regulations; Foot & mouth disease vaccine; Herceptin; Rituxan — cancer therapeutic vaccines; Lumpy Skin disease vaccine; Pharmaceutical biologics; Rift Valley Fever vaccine; Rotavirus vaccine; Vaccine production.