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Economic Development:

Dipa Basu

Dipa Basu, PhD

African and Asian diasporic issues; Consumption; Economics and changing consumption patterns; Ethnicity; gender; race in popular culture; film and media representation; Globalization; Hip hop; Service learning and study abroad; Urban policies

Fuchun Jin, PhD

China - US Economic relations; International trade and finance; Monetary, marco and financial economics; Chinese economy.

Azamat Junisbai, PhD

Political developments; social and economic inequality in Central Asia; Societ Union and Post-communist societies

James Lehman, PhD

International Trade and Finance; Trade and Development Policy; Money and Banking; Public Finance.

Kate Rogers, PhD

Organization Theory; Inter-Organizational Networks; Business; Nonprofit and Public Organiations; Organizations and the Public Policy Environment; Corporate Responsibility.

Emma Stephens, PhD

Subsistence farming systems in developing countries, Commodity market participation, Spatial market analysis, Dynamic technology adoption processes, System dynamics.

Maria Soldatenko, PhD

Gender; Feminist Theory; Labor conditions for garment workers; Labor conditions for domestic workers; Race and class systems; Sweat shop conditions; Transnational women activism; Women and economic development.

Lako Tongun, PhD

African and Third-World Politics; Civil wars in Africa; Darfur; Developmental economics (Third World); Global economic development in third world countries; Global genocide; Globalization; Islamic religion; Israeli policy/conflicts; Middle East politics; Political Economy; Sudan; War in the Middle East.