Community Partnerships

Core Partners:

Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige High School

6621 N. Stephens Ranch Road
La Verne, CA 91750

Urban Fellow: Adam Williams: 909.607.8183

Faculty Liaison: Susan Phillips - Professor of Anthropology

CEC operates an academic enrichment program at Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige, a juvenile detention facility and high school located in LaVerne, CA. Since the program's inception, CEC has incorporated poetry and spoken word lessons into a continually developing literacy curriculum. We also offer a variety student-designed programs, tutoring, and juvenile justice advocacy opportunities.

Prototypes Women's Center

831 E. Arrow Highway
Pomona, CA 91767

Urban Fellow: Adam Williams: 909.607.8183

Faculty Liaison: Laura Harris - Professor of English and World Literature

The Prototypes Women’s Center in Pomona is a comprehensive, residential treatment facility for women who are seeking to recover from substance abuse and their children. The center can house up to 143 women and 90 children at any given time. Services offered at the Women’s Center include parenting training, HIV/AIDS counseling, individual and group therapy, survivors’ groups, vocational training, 12-step meetings, literacy training, and medical services.

Pomona Economic Opportunity Center

P.O. Box 2469
Pomona, CA 91796
Tel: 909.397.4215

Urban Fellow: Javid Riahi: 909.607.8183 

Faculty Liaison: Jose Calderon - Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Chicano Studies

The Pomona Economic Opportunity-Day Labor Center provides a safe, legal site for day laborers to gather and act collectively to ensure safe, fair working conditions for its members. Day Laborers are available to perform a variety of tasks from raking leaves and building fences, to laying tile or building walls. Workers are skilled and responsible. Staff is on hand to translate if necessary and to assist in salary negotiation and work arrangements. The Pomona Day Labor Center encourages you to support members of the Center and discourage those who loiter on the corner.

Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition

Corner of Arrow and Grove
Rancho Cucamonga

Urban Fellow: Javid Riahi: 909.607.8183

Faculty Liaison: Jose Calderon - Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Chicano Studies

The Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition (FPCC) is a program of the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center. The goal of the FPCC, is to educate, organize and serve as a liaison between local residents and workers. Our intention is to reach out to local residents and day laborers and create bridges of understanding as we act as a vehicle for the community to voice support or concerns of the workers for mutual benefit.

Native American Programming

Native American Pipeline Director & Outreach Liaison:
Scott Scoggins
Office Phone: 909.607.3301
Cell: 909.706.5948

Pitzer College recognizes that we are on Gabrielino-Tongva land, and therefore, we have a commitment to serving the Native community around us. There are many ways to get involved in the local Indian community, whether from working with Native youth, going to a Drum Circle and Sweat Lodge, to putting on an Indigenous Film Festival at Pitzer.

Jumpstart Claremont

Atherton Hall 415-417
1050 N. Mills Ave, Box #A123
Claremont, CA 91711

Tel: 909.607.8758

Jumpstart is a national non-profit working toward the day every child enters school prepared to succeed. Through Jumpstart, college students work in teams in local preschools serving low-income neighborhoods. Through our focus on school success, family involvement and developing future teachers, Jumpstart works to create a nurturing environment where children can thrive, and advocates for equality in access to high-quality education.