Community Partners

Core Partners

CEC's years of involvement with the surrounding communities has established solid connections with a variety of organizations. These relationships have enabled CEC to involve certain faculty with these organizations and tie related class curriculum to the corresponding programs. Students in these classes, or other who join as volunteers, participate in the programs of the organization in campus-community partnerships aimed at community-based education and community-based participatory research. Core Partners are categorized as such because they have a dedicated CEC staff member, Urban Fellow, who serves as a liaison to that site. Our Center provides support and resources to the students, faculty and community partners of these partnerships. We recognize and honor the students, staff, faculty, and community members (past and present) who founded each of Pitzer College's community engagement programs and give thanks to all those who sustain these partnerships day after day.

Affiliated Partners

In addition to the Core Partnerships there have been numerous past and current relationships established with other quality community organizations. Students and faculty have worked with the Affiliated Partners in some capacity and therefore the partner list serves as a resource for community involvement. Contact our office if you wish to know more about a specific organization. If you already have a site set in mind, please email the program director your name, college, phone number, email, and tutoring availability. 

Community Engagement Paid Positions