Prototypes Women's Center Pomona

831 E. Arrow Highway
Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 398-4383

Urban Fellow Contact: Adam Williams 909.607.8183

Faculty Liaison: Laura Harris - Professor of English and World Literature

Prototypes Center for Innovation in Health, Mental Health and Social Services is a nonprofit agency that was founded in 1986 to help “women and their families who are dealing with complex problems such as substance abuse, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, domestic violence and other trauma.”

The people here at Prototypes allowed me to be me until I could become
a different person. This is just an awesome place, they gave me a start.
They gave me housing, something that I never imagined I could do on my
own, but I’ve been doing this - being a parent, being clean and sober, for 12
years now.

- Kim Franklin, Re-entry Coordinator/Supervisor and Former Resident

The original Prototypes facility is located in Pomona, but the program has proliferated throughout Southern California. About 15,000 women and their families go through the Prototypes programs every year.

CEC recognizes and honors the students, staff, faculty and community members (past and present) who founded each of Pitzer College’s community engagement programs and gives thanks to all those who sustain these partnerships day after day. In particular we would like to recognize Laura Harris for her faculty support in developing and maintaining this partnership.

Prototypes is a facility that requires an extensive clearance process. If you want to get involved at any point in the year, it is a good idea to get started right away.

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