PEOC Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Teach English as a Second Language
Grant Writing and Fund Raising
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Community Organizing & Mobilization
Computer Classes
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PEOC Events

Latin American Independence Day
Thanksgiving/ Christmas Celebration
Virgin Guadalupe Day
5K Run/ Walk for Labor Solidarity
Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage
Immigrant Workers Day - May Day
Community Posada

Past Events held in collaboration with this site:

February 2009                               Know Your Rights Speaker and Workshop Series (3 events)

March 2009                                  Workshop Series: Teaching ESL

March 2009                                  Workshop Series: Power Analysis

May 2009                                      5k PEOC fundraiser

September 2009                           Day Labor and Native Americans Unity Picnic

May 2010                                      Fernando Pedraza Memorial

May 2010                                      5k PEOC Fundraiser

Courses offering internships at this site:

  • MLLC100: Language and Community: Principles and Practice of Teaching ESL Professor Jenifer Onstott
    • This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of teaching English as a second language within the context of the local community of Southern California. The main focus of the course will be teaching adults basic English, the language necessary to live and work successfully within the community.
  • MS194: Media Arts for Social Justice Professor Gina Lamb
    • Working in groups or individually, students will implement hands-on media production projects with local nonprofit and social service agencies. Students will culminate projects with an end of semester event for all participating groups. Collaboration will be a key component with Pitzer in Ontario Program, CORE Partners of CCCSI including Kaos Network and the Women’s Multimedia Center.
  • ONT104: Social Change Practicum Professor Tessa Hicks Peterson
    • This course must be taken concurrently with ONT 101 or ONT 106. The course provides students with an intensive, ten-fifteen-hour per week internship focused on understanding the role that organizations face in meeting urban challenges. Partnerships have been established with numerous organizations in which students are able to pursue their interests while adding to solutions for community problems. This course will give students some tools to assist in community-building efforts and the recognition of community assets as opposed to deficits.
  • SOC035: Race and Ethnic Relations Professor Jose Calderon
    • This course examines major concepts and theories in the study of race and ethnic relations. Attention is given to the social construction of race as it relates to interethnic conflict, immigration patterns and the intersections of class, race and gender.
  • SOC 145: Restructuring Communities Professor Jose Calderon/ Professor Anthony Francoso
    • (Also Chicano Studies 145CH.) This course examines how Latino and multi-racial communities are being transformed through economic restructuring locally and globally. The issues of community building and participation in the informal economy will be brought to life through a service learning collaborative with a day labor center in Pomona. Students will work in teams as part of a partnership with immigrant day laborers, city officials, community leaders and a community-based board of directors.
  • SOC155: Rural and Urban Social Movements Professor Jose Calderon
    • (Also Chicano Studies 155CH.) This course will examine the emergence of social movements, the process of their formation and the varied strategies for their mobilization. Particular attention will be paid to the Chicano, Civil Rights, Farm Labor and union movements. Students will draw practical experience from organizing a memorial and alternative spring break with the United Farm Workers Union.