Student Projects and Ongoing Programs at Camp AP

In Spring 2010, veteran Borrowed Voices student volunteers and CEC staff were invited to bring the Borrowed Voices program to a second LA County probation facility, Camp Rockey, located in San Dimas, CA. After developing trust and partnership with this new facilities probation staff and high school teachers, two Pitzer facilitators led the program began with a small group of students. The curriculum has been met with great success and positive feedback from all involved, and CEC hopes to continue and gradually expand this new branch of programming into the next academic year.

In Fall 2009, a Pitzer student and regular Camp AP volunteer submitted a grant proposal for funding to develop a on-site Camp AP library. With generous funding from the Clinton Global Initiative and Pat Tillman Foundation, the Camp AP Library Project is a collaborative effort between the Camp AP High School and Pitzer College’s Community Engagement Center (CEC) to create a library of relevant and engaging books and multimedia materials in Afflerbaugh-Paige High School. This project is a response to the absence of educational/ reading resources and designed based on the needs and interests expressed by students and teachers. These books will enhance students’ classroom and extracurricular education, help alleviate some of the academic set backs that incarcerated youth experience and serve as an aid to students’ concrete skill-building, life planning and self-empowered education. The library inventory is based on specific book requests from students and teachers of the facility, and has been made possible by generous donations and assistance from the Honnold-Mudd library, the Prison Library Project, the Huntley bookstore and the Claremont Public Library.

In fall 2008, two Pitzer in Ontario program students designed and taught an alternative education program entitled EmpOUR LA within the Camp AP juvenile probation camp.  This program was designed around activities promoting self-awareness and community while exploring themes of violence, politics, history, racism, education and social change. One of the units of the program focused on the upcoming presidential election, the local propositions up for vote and avenues within the political process for making change. The Camp AP class created a final project in the form of an audio recording called “Dear Obama”. Students wrote and performed letters to President Obama and compiled a spoken word song that reflected their messages for change. This recording was played for over 100 students at an on-campus event and later aired on the campus radio. In December 2008, this article and audio clip was made public on Youth Radio in Los Angeles.

Click Here to hear an audio clip of Dear Obama