Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige

6621 N. Stephens Ranch Road
La Verne, CA 91750

LA County Office of Education

LA County Probation Department

Urban Fellow Contact: Adam Williams: 909.607.8183

Faculty Liaison:  Susan Phillips, Professor of Environmental Studies

Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige is an LA County juvenile probation camp located in La Verne, California that houses male wards ages 13-18 for sentences of 6-18 months. While incarcerated at this facility, the wards are required to attend the Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige (Camp AP) high school, an LA County Office of Education high school. Since 2001, Pitzer has worked in partnership with the camps and Pitzer students are invited to work in the high school classrooms designing or helping with
a number of different programs.

Camp AP is a setting where Pitzer students and incarcerated minors get the opportunity to break down barriers and exchange knowledge. In turn, Pitzer students learn from the unique and often unheard perspectives of these urban youth.
The programming has reciprocal benefits of changing the way minors view themselves and how the school and probation staff view them. Our programs challenge both Pitzer and Camp students to discover capabilities and skills within themselves and empower each other as teachers.

In 2010, CEC was awarded a grant from the California Council for Humanities California Story Fund. It is with this generous support that CEC has been able to develop, enhance, and expand the Borrowed Voices program.

This program taught me to express myself and my feelings through writing and poetry. I never felt judged or disrespected; the people supported me. -- Camp AP Student

It’s reciprocal. Pitzer students get something out of it; our students get something out of it… Sometimes the Pitzer students even push my high standards. -- Camp AP High School Principal

You pull things out of the kids I couldn’t do because they have a different connection with you…walls are broken down. For me, it was wonderful. -- Camp AP High School Teacher

CEC recognizes and honors the students, staff, faculty and community members (past and present) who founded each of Pitzer College’s community engagement programs and gives thanks to all those who sustain these partnerships day after day. In particular we would like to recognize Barry Sanders, Laura Harris, Dipa Basu and Susan Phillips for their faculty support in developing and maintaining this partnership.

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