Funding Opportunities and Resources

CEC offers a wide variety of funding opportunities for Pitzer faculty and students. Each year many awards are granted to students, faculty and members of the community.


Our commitment to our faculty continues over the long term to provide evidence of community engagement endeavors for individual faculty member promotion, tenure and reviews. The institution supports faculty involvement in civic engagement programs and teaching academic service-learning courses by providing:

  • Awards for recognition and grants for re-design and conferences
  • Faculty development workshops/fellowships
  • Service-learning and community orientation in faculty orientation
  • Modern curriculum models and sample syllabi
  • Materials to assist faculty in reflection and assessment
  • Sabbaticals for service-learning research, scholarship, and program development

Internal Opportunities

CEC offers a wide variety of funding opportunities for Pitzer faculty and students. Each year many awards are granted to students, faculty and members of the community. These include:

Academic Course Enhancement Awards
This award is designed to support faculty in connecting community-based projects to courses in the Pitzer curriculum. Awards can vary from year to year, and can depend on course projects. Priority will be given to first time applicants or to those who incorporate novel ideas into existing community-based courses. Apply now.

Social Responsibility Field Trip Fund

Faculty members are invited to request funds to support social responsibility field trips. The range of field trips varies greatly as do definitions of social responsibility. Awards are given on a case by case basis dependent upon fund availability, nature of request, anticipated impact, and other factors. 


CEC offers support for students involved in projects and partnerships with guidance and resources. We provide students with:

We provide students with:

    • Entry to and placement into many community site(s)
    • Support for transportation
    • Orientation on ethical standards and legal obligations
    • Grants and Awards
    • Support through senior thesis awards involving community-based work both locally and internationally
  • Our office also supports students to fulfill the “Social Responsibility” requirement:
  • 85% of Pitzer Students volunteer in a community service project/internship, which completes their social responsibility requirement
  • Students work a number of hours per week (ranging from 2-15 hours) and simultaneously attend a correlating class that tie the experiential learning experience to an academic analysis of issues studied.

Student Reimbursement
This award allows reimbursements to our students for costs related to their service learning site such as transportation, supplies, and other operational expenses. Please inquire with the Assistant Director, Tricia Morgan for more details and restrictions.

Senior Thesis Awards
This award is designed to support Pitzer seniors who will be completing his or her senior thesis during a Spring Semester. Funding is awarded to students who write a thesis involving community-based work that spans across both local and global settings.

Senior Thesis Application
View Past Awardees

Student Summer Internships are available at:

  •  Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige
  •  Prototypes Women’s Center
  • Pomona Economic Opportunity Center

*For more information please contact the CEC Office directly.


Bonner Foundation/ Princeton University
Bonner supports the Bonner Scholars Program, Bonner Leaders Program, and other initiatives that engage students and colleges at 75 colleges and universities in improving the lives of individuals and communities while providing an “access to education and opportunity to serve.” Their work strengthens student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure while promoting civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, spiritual exploration, and social justice. Princeton University is a sub-grantee of the Bonner Foundation and in turn CEC is a sub-grantee of Princeton University.

Carnegie/ California Campus Compact
California Campus Compact (CACC) is a membership organization of college and university presidents leading California institutions of higher education in building a statewide collaboration to promote service as a critical component of higher education. Membership in California Campus Compact includes membership in National Campus Compact. There are network offices in 33 states and over 1000 public and private two- and four-year member colleges and universities across the nation.

California Council for the Humanities
The mission of the California Council for the Humanities is to foster understanding between people and encourage their engagement in community life through the public use of the humanities. Their experience has demonstrated that one of the most effective ways to fulfill this mission is to engage Californians in programs that involve the telling and sharing of stories. California Council for the Humanities was a major funder of the annual Borrowed Voices performance coordinated by CEC in collaboration with Camps Afflerbaugh-Paige.

Project Pericles
Project Pericles is a non-profit organization that encourages and facilitates commitments by colleges and universities to include education for social responsibility and participatory citizenship as an essential part of their educational programs, in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community. This learning experience is intended to provide students with a foundation for social and civic involvement and a conviction that democratic institutions and processes offer each person the best opportunity to improve the condition of society.

Rose Hills Foundation
Thanks to a generous grant received from the Rose Hills Foundation in 2009 the classes of 2011 and 2012 will be well supported in their community engagement endeavors. This grant will enable CEC to continue providing the same high level quality of service to students, faculty and community members. These funds will help support on and off campus events, internship opportunities, and other CEC operational costs.

Weingart Foundation
Changemakers goal is to promote Pitzer College's social responsibility ethos through scholarship, action and advocacy. Programs focus on linking local and global issues and encouraging a critical approach to important social, political and cultural issues. Changemakers is funded by a generous grant from the Weingart Foundation.